Heed the No Driving Warning Since Even Public Works Officials Can Get Stuck [Video]

On a tour through West Hartford with Director of Public Works John Phillips, it became clearly evident that even 4-wheel-drive SUVs can become stuck in the deep snow very quickly.

A ride-along with Director of Public Works John Phillips on his rounds through West Hartford Saturday morning became a firsthand example of what can happen when SUVs try to navigate unplowed roads!

LaSalle Rd. was clear and open, and Ellsworth Rd. headed east toward South Main St. looked passable ... but, Phillips' Ford Escape quickly became boxed in by snow that reached as high as the car's undercarriage.

Luckily, a DPW truck was nearby with a chain to pull him out.

Check back later for a gallery of photos from the tour of West Hartford.

And heed the warning, residents, and stay off the roads until they are officially open!


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