Mystery of West Hartford 'Markers' Revealed

Many have wondered about the concrete and brass markers found in yards all across town, and if there's one on your property, the town asks that you preserve it.

Martha Church, the local history librarian with the , said that over the years she has received many inquiries about the concrete and brass "markers" that can be found on the lawns of residences and other buildings throughout town.

A few weeks ago, someone emailed her asking yet again what the purpose of the "cement and metal markers" could be. An internet search did not turn up an explanation, prompting Church to take her question to Town Engineer Dave Kraus.

Kraus had the answer.

"The concrete and brass marker is a survey marker that accurately identifies the boundary between the street right of way and private property. These markers should be preserved whenever possible and replaced if disturbed. They are used by private surveyors to physically locate property boundaries for real estate transactions, fences, driveways, or additions. They are also used by the town for the location of sidewalks, and street reconstruction projects. They were originally installed when the street was first built but over the years many have been destroyed," Kraus explained.

He said that the markers are still important for surveying purposes, and asks that they be retained and preserved.


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