West Hartford Skunk Tests Positive for Rabies

Credit: vladeb, via flickr creative commons
Credit: vladeb, via flickr creative commons

To the unknown person who brought a skunk to Veterinary Specialists of West Hartford, the West Hartford-Bloomfield Health District is recommending you see a doctor.

The health district and animal control issued an inquiry on March 7, asking for the woman who dropped the skunk off to call the West Hartford Police Department. As of March 10, they have no additional information on the person and released the following information via email.

“The skunk was tested for rabies and has been confirmed as positive for rabies,” West Hartford-Bloomfield Health District Director of Health Steven Huleatt said. “It is strongly recommended the individual be seen by a physician immediately to determine any potential for exposure to rabies and for to begin any treatment that may be required.”

Huleatt said his office does not have any indication of additional risk of rabies in the neighborhood from this skunk. Assistant Director of Health Aimee Eberly said she does not know which neighborhood the skunk frequented.


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