Zombies Spotted in West Hartford!

The Hartford Marathon Foundation sponsored the Zombie Chase 5K at the West Hartford reservoir on Sunday.

The zombie apocalypse hit West Hartford on Sunday.

Well, not exactly.

More than 400 people took part in the Hartford Marathon Foundation’s Zombie Chase at the West Hartford Reservoir.

Participants in the 5K race divided up into “humans” and “zombies,” with the zombies dressed in full re-animated corpse regalia (white makeup, fake blood, vacant stares). An entire family - the Baxers from West Hartford - had apparently been turned.

Some humans were dressed in racing garb, while others took the time to go in costume. There were more than a few Wonder Women in attendance.

The humans got a 2-minute head start, with the zombies in tow.

Some humans had a strategy, like David and Matthew Schreiter of Lebanon.

“[My son is] going to run ahead and the zombies are going to chase after him,” David Schreiter said.

Even though he was being used for zombie bait, Matthew Schreiter, for his part, didn’t seem to mind much.

“I’m just going to try to run as fast as I can,” Matthew said. “And if I feel [them coming], I’ll just go faster.”

And, even more important than fighting zombies, proceeds from the event went to the Ron Foley Foundation for pancreatic cancer research.

Check out the photos for some of the scenes.


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