Prehistoric Visitors Arrive at The Children's Museum

Museum is preparing for the opening of "Dinosaurs Alive – Jurassic Tree house Exhibit"

It's not every day that an enormous Apatosaurus is seen poking his undersized head out of the back of an 18-wheeler before being treated to a ride on a fork-lift.

The Parasaurolophus had to duck his head to watch out for the power lines.

It's also a bit unnerving to find Velociraptors and a T-Rex towering over a courtyard which is often filled with young children.

Wait a minute – what century is this anyway?

On Monday morning, a truckload of dinosaurs arrived in the parking lot of , creating an anachronistic sight as the creatures of the past carefully skirted modern day obstacles to find their way into a space that will soon look more like the home they are accustomed to.

Beginning this Saturday, visitors to The Children's Museum will have the opportunity to meet these prehistoric creatures as they take over the Museum's Excavation Station for the "Dinosaurs Alive – Jurassic Treehouse" exhibit.

The animatronic dinosaurs include Stegosaurus, T-Rex, Parasaurolophus and Apatosaurus.

Visitors to the Jurassic Treehouse will be treated to "a Pterodactyl’s eye view of these prehistoric families" through a multimedia experience.

“We are excited to bring this new exhibit and experience to our visitors,” said  Robert Griesmer, President and CEO of The Children’s Museum, in a release. “It’s been several years since we’ve featured traveling exhibits, and dinosaurs remain an immensely popular theme for families. Parents, children, grandparents and caregivers will all enjoy the compelling, realistic scenes and environment.”

The exhibit will be in place through the end of May.


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