The Playground's '12 in 12 Buddy Challenge' Finale Takes Place Saturday

If you see some strange activity in West Hartford Center on Saturday afternoon, it may be part of this unique competition.


According to a poll released by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion last month, losing weight is the number one New Year’s resolution for 2012. Number two is exercising more. 

It’s no secret that a critical ingredient in the recipe for successful weight loss is exercise. However, what seems to remain ever-elusive is finding the right trick to keep that New Year’s resolution intact until it’s time to make a new one for 2013.

“Exercising is hard enough,” says fitness director Glenn Marcella. “If you’re not enjoying it, you’re less likely to stick with it. That’s why the driving theme behind the fitness training at The Playground is play. And, it’s why we’re kicking off 2012 with the ‘12 in 12 Buddy Challenge.’”

Designed to introduce friends of members to a new way of working out and add a new element of fun and excitement to members’ fitness routines, the “12 in 12 Buddy Challenge” involved individual members of The Playground teamed up with a buddy they think would benefit from fun, unconventional and challenging fitness training – someone who is open minded, willing to step outside their comfort zone, and prepared to embrace a “laugh-your-butt-off” good time.

Since Jan. 16, 10 teams of two have participated in group classes, at-home assignments, and other “interesting” challenges which had to be completed in 12 consecutive days. 

The challenges have included:

  • Studying the Noah Webster statue in Blue Back Square – identifying what muscle is he working by holding the heavy book in his right hand;
  • Creating a 5-minute workout in a backyard using absolutely no equipment; and
  • Creating (and filming) a  workout while walking through West Harford Center using only the obstacles and structures that are permanently placed. 

On Saturday, Jan. 28, the 12th day of the challenge, The Playground will hold a grand finale during which teams will be released into West Hartford Center and Blue Back Square and asked to complete several physical and mental challenges for time. The challenge begins at noon.

Teams will participate in challenges located all around West Hartford Center and Blue Back Square, with activities taking place in and/or around such retail locations as , , , ,, , , , , and Center before racing back to The Playground. 

Focus, execution, mental agility, and ability to follow instructions will be critical to each team’s success. Being a fast runner will not guarantee victory in this competition.

About The Playground

Offering programs for adults and children, The Playground’s classes and activities center around movements, activities, and games associated with things young children do every day.  Focusing less on toning individual muscles and concentrating more on the process, the joy, and the social component of group play, The Playground offers exercise programs that are safe, demanding and bio-mechanically sound while supporting the primary objective of making adults feel a bit nostalgic as they hop, roll, sweat, and laugh their way to a lifetime of regular exercise and good health.

For more information, visit www.thefitplayground.com, call (860) 236-8800, visit the studio at 977 Farmington Avenue (behind Grant’s restaurant), and connect with The Playground on Facebook at thefitplayground.

This information was provided by The Playground.


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