West Hartford Resident on Winning Team in '12 in 12 Buddy Challenge'

Sally Lynch of West Hartford and Katherine McGeever of Berlin won The Playground's unique competition Saturday.

Two women emerged victorious in "" held Saturday in West Hartford Center and Blue Back Square.

The member, non-member “McLynch” team of Katherine McGeever of Berlin and Sally Lynch of West Hartford took on the unique and challenging competition, which culminated in a scavenger Saturday afternoon.

The challenge involved ten groups of two, and began on January 16 with a variety of activities designed including group classes, at-home assignments, and other “interesting” challenges which had to be completed in 12 consecutive days. 

The challenges have included:

  • Studying the Noah Webster statue in Blue Back Square – identifying what muscle is he working by holding the heavy book in his right hand;
  • Creating a 5-minute workout in a backyard using absolutely no equipment; and
  • Creating (and filming) a  workout while walking through West Harford Center using only the obstacles and structures that are permanently placed. 

The teams competing in Saturday's grand finale completed a variety of physical and mental challenges for time. 

Challenges were located all around West Hartford Center and Blue Back Square, with activities taking place in and/or around such retail locations as , , , ,, , , , , and Center before racing back to The Playground. 

Focus, execution, mental agility, and ability to follow instruction were critical to each team’s success.


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