A Dual Sensory Seminar from Solinsky EyeCare & Hearing Center

Vision and Hearing Together

An Open invitation from Solinsky EyeCare & Hearing Center

March 4th, 12th, 18th at 5:00pm

For most people, vision and hearing are two of the most valuable senses. Your eyes and ears provide information to help form a bridge between the world and how we interact with it. At Solinsky EyeCare & Hearing Center, we care about the health of both, and as such we are extending this special invitation to you and a friend or loved one to be our guest at Solinsky EyeCare & Hearing Center and learn the connection between eyes and ears. Interested? Read on…

Our hearing program is one element of providing patient care for dual sensory wellness – the dual senses of vision and hearing. It’s all part of a healthier lifestyle – an enhanced quality of life. By keeping your vision and hearing at their best, you can lead your life every day without limitations that would otherwise dramatically affect the activities you enjoy doing. Because of the strong connection between seeing well and hearing well, Solinsky Eyecare & Hearing Center is pleased to offer a full range of hearing services to complement our world-class ophthalmology practice.

During our Educational Event, we will discuss the major causes of hearing and vision loss. We will talk about advancements in vision and hearing care, and Laser Assisted Custom Cataract Surgery.

Enjoy refreshments with our compliments at the end of the session! Space is limited, so call to reserve your seat!

Happy New Year & We Look Forward to Seeing You,

The Doctors and Staff of Solinsky EyeCare & Hearing Center

Leaders in New Laser Assisted Bladeless Custom Cataract Removal

1013 Farmington Ave. | West Hartford, CT 06107 | (860) 233-2020 | www.solinskyeyecare.com


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