Charms of the Week #11: Starting Over

Sometimes the magic is in a fresh approach.

Starting over – you mean "same old grind?" No, I mean "fresh start!" Springtime.

After pondering F. Scott and George (see below), I realize that starting over, like so much of this life, is more about the how and not the what. If I approach an old canvas with a renewed sense of possibility, it can be enchanting. Like this:

1) Helpful reminder: "Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist, but [also in] the ability to start over." –F. Scott Fitgerald


"It is never too late to be what you might have been." –George Eliot

2) Rehearsal – Dance/Art and Life/Art:

My rehearsals this week with Elm City Dance Collective have focused my attention on the potential excitement of starting over. We're working on a highly structured, improvisational piece. Which means there are a lot of guidelines to what movement you can create on the spot and how you perform it, all within the context of a tightly-knit ensemble.

Last night, Kellie had us run sections of the piece over and over again. As I got more fatigued, I was reminded of how much repetition dance, and life, entail. And how, to be any good at this dance thing and this life thing, I need to dig deep and keep things interesting by refreshing my sense of the possible before I repeat pretty similar actions and activities. Again and again. And again.

Once I start over with a different dynamic or energy or outlook, the same piece is invigorated. (Driving the carpool is a revelation :)). I get something brand spanking new just with my approach. Presto change-o! Magic. 

Oh, and come see what we've been working on at the cool Rebound Dance Festival this weekend in New Haven – Saturday's show preceded by classes and improv jam. www.elmcitydance.org

3) Back to the 6 word memoir: Remember this inspiring idea? I wrote about it awhile back, triggered by the Oprah Magazine article about writing your memoir in just 6 words. (; O Magazine, February 2012, p.126).

I admit I dropped this ball. So, I'm starting over. It's hard! Summing up who I am and aspire to be so succinctly.

I'm changing my approach this time – brainstorming single words that draw me, rather than trying to create a linear one-liner. So many words, so little space.

Wait! I think I may be on the right track. I was starting to drag there for a minute and suddenly my daughter breezed in with a surprise caramel iced coffee. Thank you, Libby and universe.

4) Phoenix: As I stand amid the ashes of many abandoned projects, neglected relationships, withered plans, I'm thinkin': What else would I like to resurrect? So far, I've started over a dance piece, a friendship, a conversation that was headed in a downward spiral.

Looking farther back, I see a string of new beginnings I made on some pretty major things. The successful  renewals were the ones I embarked upon with at least some sense of adventure. Enchanted by the possibility of  a new way in.

Each day, if we're lucky, we wake up and we get another chance at bat. The sky's the limit.  " ... Tell me, what is it you plan to do, with your one wild and precious life?" –Mary Oliver

enjoy ...

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