The magic of livening up your perspective

What if you could reinvigorate your outlook or your inspiration simply by pressing a refresh button? And presto change-o! You get a shiny new lease on life as you view it.

In my technologically sad state, I didn't know about the computer's refresh button till very, very recently. (OK, not yesterday, but close :)). I've come around very quickly to love that button and the magic it represents and provides. So much so that I now imagine one for my soul and spirit or at least my perspective.

But back here on Planet Earth it takes more effort and resourcefulness to work a similar spell. The sparkle of novelty helps enliven my creativity, and yes, my mood. Whether it's a new approach or something new to learn about, taste, wear, move in, it's all refreshing. Even saying that word "refresh" has the mouthfeel of a lively ocean breeze.

I do believe it gets harder to reanimate how you live your life as you get older.  It's so easy, so seductively easy just to keep doing the same things in the same way that you always have. Being the same old you. Not investigating all of those rich, glowing corners of who you could be.

If you're going to refresh who you are, or what you do and how you do it, you've got to keep asking questions. Hard questions. Over and over. "What needs to change here?" and "What haven't I tried or what would serve me and my life better?" and "What will inspire me ?"

It can be exhausting. And lonely. Partly because you've got go it alone on a lot of this. Partly because a lot of folks go by the wayside, being the same and doing the same in the same way they always have and maybe always will. Some of the time those same folks unconsciously try to slow you down or stop you, pulling you back with them to the Land of Nod of the Soul.

I realize that this is why I love taking dance classes from other people. It gives me the chance to try on their worldview, how they do things, move, express, envision. It shakes up MY vision, helping me question my assumptions. Even make some cool changes.

Same for reading books, and experiencing art: Oh! So, THAT'S how you look at things! I never considered that. Hmmm. Maybe I will ...

And so, tomorrow morning, bright and early, I'll fire up Bucko (my minivan) and head east for 80 minutes. To refresh. With the generous, brilliant folks at the David Dorfman Dance Summer Workshop.  Watch the magic unfold ...

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