Spotlight Theatres to Open in Hartford

Spotlight Theatres, featuring a full-service bar and restaurant, will be opening in Hartford this November.

In my last column I discussed the importance of the arts scene to the health of Hartford. Improving Hartford seems to be a constant parlor game, and most suggestions fall under three themes: more entertainment, less crime, and less predatory parking (Hartford’s albatross).

The problem always becomes a chicken-or-the-egg dilemma. Do we lower the crime to increase the entertainment or increase the entertainment to lower the crime? There is a strong argument to make that increasing the entertainment value of Hartford will lead to more foot traffic and improved properties, which then reduces crime, which in turn will increase the appeal of Hartford. It starts the cycle of improvement. Spotlight Theatres, a large entertainment complex located across from the Convention Center on Front Street, has the potential to make a large positive impact on the City when they open in early to mid-November.

As an area example of cyclical improvement, think about the level of quality restaurants in West Hartford. How did this develop? After a few popular restaurants (Grant’s, Max’s Oyster Bar) moved to town, they became anchor businesses. Their popularity increased the appeal of dining in West Hartford, which enticed restaurateurs to open up more restaurants. As the amount of restaurants grew, that continued to increase the attraction. An increase in business led to an increase in tax revenue, which was used to keep the town safe and clean—which cemented the appeal. The opening of a few quality restaurants allowed the town to cross the invisible threshold of collective behavior, the tipping point.

Spotlight Theatres on Front Street is a major step in the right direction towards reaching a tipping point for Hartford. This week I took a tour of the facility and spoke with their General Manager, Steve Menschell. Spotlight Theatres is a national boutique chain based out of Atlanta. The company is hoping to make Hartford their landmark location with this $4 million, 23,000 sf project that includes a parking garage. The complex includes a full-service restaurant, bar, concession stand, private party area, and four stadium-seating auditoriums. The restaurant, Front Street Bistro, will serve moviegoers and non-moviegoers alike. You will be able to order your food and drink (including alcohol) and bring it into the movie.

Spotlight Theatres is not your run-of-the-mill movie theater at a mall. Instead, the complex hopes to become a center of activity around the celebration of cinema. Picture yourself grabbing dinner at the Bistro (or bringing it into the film), watching a movie, and then discussing the film with your friends afterwards at the bar. The movie selection will be a mix of quality mainstream, indie, and art films. There will also be special events such as movie premieres, film-and-discussion nights, and festivals.

Spotlight Theatres is currently in discussions with the University of Hartford, Trinity, Capital Community College, and Wesleyan about forming collaborations. For example, imagine a showing the The Godfather followed by a discussion with an area film professor. The first festival Spotlight Theatres will host is the Hartford FlickFest from December 6-9 followed by the Hartford Jewish Film Festival in April 2013.

General Manager Steve Menschell is a Manchester, CT native who recently moved back to the area from Indiana. His father owned multiple theaters in downtown Hartford, so he was surrounded by the love of cinema from an early age. Unfortunately, as has happened with bookstores and record shops, the country moved from stores with passionate employees (bibliophiles at bookstores and audiophiles at record shops) towards a depersonalized model.

The same thing has happened with movie theaters. According to Menschell, “The industry started moving away from the neighborhood theater.” Spotlight Theatres will try to capture the feeling of the classic neighborhood theater by having approachable employees. Each employee’s nametag will feature their favorite movie, which should be a good conversation starter. “Everyone who we’ve hired has a keen interest in movies.”

Spotlight Theatres, being a small company, would like to actively respond to the wants of its patrons. Before selecting the seats for their auditoriums, the company put it up for a vote. Over 1,700 people voted. Menschell emphasized that Spotlight Theatres is always looking for suggestions about movies and special events, and has been pleased so far with the comments coming in from Facebook and Twitter. “Patrons have a big say here. We want this to be a fun place to come to.”

If Spotlight Theatres makes it a fun place to come to, and draws the crowds of moviegoers and non-moviegoers alike, it will go a long way with revitalizing Hartford.

Stay tuned for updates as this project nears completion.


Spotlight Theatres / Facebook

Spotlight Theatres / Website


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Patrice Fitzgerald October 13, 2012 at 04:04 PM
What a wonderful idea! I've often remembered the movie theater I lived near in Greenwich Village that featured classic films and gave me a chance to watch movies I might never have seen -- at least, not in a crowd. The experience of watching a film on a big screen along with a lot of other people is different than what we get at home when we rent a movie. Adding the appeal of a restaurant and bar sounds great. I applaud this -- and hope it's a big success!
EB October 14, 2012 at 01:16 PM
OMG! If only there was a place like that in Hartford! Oh wait...CINESTUDIO—REAL ART WAYS—WADSWORTH ATHENEUM!
David Ryan Polgar October 14, 2012 at 01:56 PM
@EB. Your point is an open question: will the theatre draw from the same crowd, and take a slice of the pie, or will it increase the overall draw of Hartford and grow the pie for everyone? The recent Hartford Courant article on Spotlight Theatres interviewed Cinestudio about it. Cities like Providence, RI have been successful by continuously increasing their entertainment which in turn creates an attractive arts scene. That is the hope here.
JM October 15, 2012 at 03:54 AM
a) Spotlight is a Southern US based company. Hartford is their only theater outside the south b) They duplicate services already offerred in Hartford. And largely unsupported by the Courant c) Is my math correct or does this add up to a big fat zero? What's with that?
Rtropical October 21, 2012 at 07:44 PM
I can't wait for Spotlight to open. Aside from the Wadsworth, Spotlight will be the only theater Downtown. In contrast with the Wadsworth - Spotlight is highly visible to most people who visit Downtown, especially those who come to the Convention Center, Marriott, and Science Center who might otherwise not know or learn about the Wadsworth theater. Spotlight will also feature more films more often than the Wadsworth. So, in my opinion - IT is GREAT for us and for Hartford !!!!


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