5 Reasons Not To Make A New Year's Resolution This Year

This time of year, the HOLIDAZE, is typically a time of reflection and contemplation on ones life especially what mistakes were made and how to improve ones life.

This time of year, the HOLIDAZE, is typically a time of reflection and contemplation on ones life especially what mistakes were made and how to improve ones life. A noble pursuit and now is not the right time.  A person who takes time to reflect on their life honestly as a mirror reflect's the beauty and the imperfections will gain wisdom.   Yet now is not the time.  As we all know, around the holidays emotions tend to run full throttle. 

We will hear in the next few days the famous line, " This year will be different, I'm going to do__________ and I'm not going to do ______________." The all powerful resolution delusion dream smasher with a side of self loathing when you don't follow through.

Quick - what was your resolution last year?

The 5 Reasons Not To Make A "New Year's Resolution!"

  1. No plan - if you have a thought with no plan - then you have nothing.
  2. No advisers - You can't know everything and you can't be right all the time and maybe your decision making process ( the same thinking that got you into trouble) stinks.
  3. No bench marks - just always looking at the big picture, not the little tasks that that get you from point A to point Z.
  4. Not prioritizing - you think you can multi-task, you can not - effectively.
  5. Not putting and emphasesis on time. Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking into the future (Steve Miller Band Reference). Or you only get one time around on this earth. And - life is short.
    All of those cliches point to a solid truth - why are you waiting for a special time of year to improve your life, you will not live forever - that is

      Why is a Structural Chiropractor writing about Resolutions?

      I suffered from those same New Years Resolution Delusions myself for decades, it wasn't until a friend of mine Dr. Marc Swerdlick, CEO of Mindvirsus showed me a different path.

      Reflection and contempation on ones life is good. A wish a hope or a prayer may be common, but common is not always best.

      Try detailed planning, a hold your feet to the fire support group and achievable small portioned action steps that will lead you closer to your big goal this year.

      Not sure how to do this?

      I like the book Headspace by Marc Swerdlick. Yet whatever you do, please realize it takes more than will power and a positive attitude.

      Positive attitude is a given.

      Think of resolutions as a map; If you plan a car trip from West Hartford, CT to San Diego, CA - then there are things you should plot out.

      For example; were are the gas stations, hotels, restaurants that you prefer? Is our AAA card up to date. What if our car breaks down - what then?

      All or most that you can prepare for....the details and worse case scenarios must be at least taken into account.

      So, did you do this level of planning for your Resolution?

      If you did - congrats you will do well and if you didn't you will more than likely fail.

      This is not negative - it's reality.

      Have a GREAT Day and hope you enjoyed your holiday!

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