White Trash: How To Kick It To The Curb ... And Not Look Back!

Repeatedly in my practice patients that are severe or morbidly obese express to me (and I believe them) that they eat healthy. So, when I ask them to tell me exactly; what do you eat?

And Now White Trash.....

Repeatedly in my practice patients that are severe or morbidly obese express to me (and I believe them) that they eat healthy. So, when I ask them to tell me exactly what they eat, their response is usually: I don't eat donuts, chips, or fast food that often.

Okay - what DO YOU eat? Here is a typical example: Breakfast: Cereal with milk (whole/2%) some fruit, OJ.... Lunch: Club sandwich on whole wheat and apple, diet soda and "healthy chips." Dinner: Chicken fajitas, diet soda, mashed potatoes small piece of pie.  Snack after 8 p.m.: "healthy chips" or a few cookies/crackers.  Then repeat this for 5 days with binging on the weekends.

If you would like diabetes Type 2, heart disease, your skinny jeans not to fit anymore - then follow that meal plan above and you will succeed in committing devastation to your body at a painstakingly slow pace.

If you think diet soda is better than regular - you're screwed.


Glad you asked: Soda is a delivery system for caffeine and salt, why salt - to make you thirsty ... caffeine to get you addicted, so you drink more of this crap and sugar/HFCS to make this crap taste good.

Damn - they fooled me for awhile too.

And, I've seen Functional MRI scans of the brain (high tech brain mapping for neurological problems). When people are just shown a picture of a soda can their pleasure centers light up JUST LIKE A CRACK ADDICT. 

If you believe that Unique Q cereal and 1% milk is healthy - you've been sold, hoodwinked and bamboozled - not your fault.  If you think exceptional bread is good for your kids, because it's soft you know - you're on the RIVER in EGYPT called DENIAL.

I love chocolate and New England clam chowder and lots of other crap occasionally. Moderate consumption of crap is not advisable. Once in a great while at most.

What to do:

1. 90% reduction (if your trying to lose weight eliminate all together) all man made baked products... white or whole wheat/rice

2. Eat more raw veggies, lean meats, fish, fruits, nuts and beans

3. Avoid HFCS like the plague.

4. Avoid sugar in all forms or at least reduce its use down to 90% less. This one is funny... AMA in 1950 said we were eating too much sugar... now we've doubled our sugar intake and added 60lbs of HFCS - It's no surprise why our country is fat and sick. Fix health care - eliminate HFCS is a billion dollar health savings. (sorry for the soap box)

5. Drink water take your weight divide that in half... drink that amount in oz. per day. i.e. I'm 210lbs. so half is 105 oz of water or 3 quarts for me (make sure you're near a tree or bathroom)

6. Have a crap binge day. Yes, eat what you want get your fill, then go back to eating the best way. What's life if you can't enjoy a chocolate shake once in a while. Remember moderation is a myth. We are not programed for moderation.

What's the alternative to this????

Increase in Periwinkle pills ...Type 2 diabetes pills, knee replacements, hip replacements... osteoporosis, back pain and having to purchase two seats on an airline when you have only one butt. Oh, don't forget heart attacks, heart disease, high-blood pressure.

Everything in moderation is popular - and we all know, just because it's popular does not make it the best course of action.

Food for thought - have a GREAT Day.

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