[UPDATED] Roads Cleared, Parking Ban Expired

A message from Director of Public Works John Phillips regarding road conditions Saturday night and Sunday morning.

[Updated] Sunday, Dec. 30, 10 a.m.:

The Department of Public Works reported that as of 7 a.m., all roads in West Hartford had been cleared and de-iced.

Director John Phillips said that he anticipated that a combination of the sunshine and wind would melt the remaining snow and also dry off the roads.

In West Hartford, snow totals ranged from 8 inches in the southern part of town to as much as 10 inches in the northern areas, Phillips said. That was higher than the forecast totals, but he said the Department of Public Works was well-prepared

"I’m very proud of the effort of our plow truck crews and the assistance of our contractors. We still would recommend to be alert while driving. An occasional icy spot is possible. Have a good day, West Hartford," wrote Phillips in an email.

Original Story:

Yes, it still snows in New England.

After a year of almost no snow to speak of, this past week has been very busy for the DPW plow truck crews. We are out tonight with a maximum effort to keep the roads as passable as possible. We are seeing snow falling at a rate of nearly one inch per hour. Occasionally we have had short bursts of zero visibility due to the snowfall rate.

We are now seeing the western edge of the storm on our radar and are hoping to start final clearing sometime around midnight.

At 7:30 p.m., road conditions were difficult to maneuver. It is actively snowing with some intensity. Road conditions are not expected to improve until well after midnight. Certainly by sunrise the roads should be in good shape.

A parking ban has been issued starting at 8 p.m. and continuing until 8 a.m. Sunday. This is so we can tow those vehicles that are preventing our large trucks from clearing the road as required for safe travel.

We ask that if you do have to travel please stay clear of our large plow trucks so they can do their job as safely efficiently as possible. It is strongly encouraged to not travel if you do not have to.


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