Schools Closed for Rest of Week; Shelter Opens at Conard

Warming centers are available at Bishop's Corner Senior Center and Noah Webster Library, and Town Hall Auditorium. Shower facilities also made available at several locations.

West Hartford is working quickly and furiously to provide for residents' basic needs to the extent it is possible with power still out throughout the majority of the town.

A decision has now been made to close all for the rest of the week. This decision was based on the fact that it is unlikely power will be restored to most schools before the end of the week. Also, since debris and downed wires still litter many of the sidewalk, the decision was also made as a safety consideration.

A recorded message to town residents was sent out by Mayor Scott Slifka today, also advising that there are now three warming/charging centers available in West Hartford where residents can go to warm up and/or charge phones and laptops. These centers are located in the , (main library in West Hartford Center), and at the .

In additon, West Hartford's shelter operations will be transitioning from the Elmwood Community Center to by 6 p.m. Tuesday. "Conard will be a full-service shelter as of 6 p.m., so anyone who needs to take refuge for the night should go there," said Slifka. Power was restored to the building on Monday evening.

Those planning to spend the night in the shelter should bring sleeping bags or bedding, change of clothing, and any necessary medications.

Conard will also be available as a shower facility even for those who are not utilizing it as a shelter. Those wishing to take advantage of the shower facility, which also opens at 6 p.m., should bring toiletries and a towel. The gym entrance should be used by those who wish to use the showers.

has also agreed to allow West Hartford residents to use its shower facilities. Those wishing to use their showers should bring a towel.

Leslie Silverman November 01, 2011 at 05:04 PM
I am really disappointed that Mayor Slifka would say he is "angry" that CL&P has no estimates on power restoration for us. This situation is unprecedented, and requires patience and a spirit of cooperation. Riling people up against a utility facing such a huge hurdle will not help anything. I, for one, have been very pleased with CL&P's accessibilty by email and phone. Today when I spoke to their customer service rep a few hours ago, I thanked her for her help and wished her luck. She said my thanks made her want to cry as everyone has yelled at her all day. Despite that, she was kind and helpful to me. Mayor Slifka, let's take a lesson in patience and community spirit from her. Let's band together, help our neighbors, and cheer when utility crews arrive. Let's drag branches out of their way to make it easier to help us out, not be angry that we don't know when life will return to normal. During this abnormal time, why not practice patience and the often lost skill of neighborliness.


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