The Halloween Houses of West Hartford

What's the best Halloween house in town? It could be the scariest (even without decorations!), the wittiest, or even the cutest ... Share your photos in time for Halloween!

West Hartford Patch had a gallery of Halloween houses last October, but those scary scenes of goblines and ghouls quickly became overshadowed by scenes of pumpkins covered with snow and then completely eclipsed by scenes of fallen trees and power lines reminiscent of a war zone.

The plan was to try it again this year – without the snow or downed trees and power lines, but Hurricane Sandy is looming and many of the town's displays may be taken down early, either by the homeowners or courtesy of Sandy.

So let's celebrate Halloween while we can.

There is one house on North Main Street in West Hartford with a Halloween display so extensive that it warranted its own story, but there are many others that should be shared.

This gallery is not meant to be a contest, and the homes featured are there because this Patch editor happened to be driving by and felt it was safe to stop and take a photo or two.

There are many more in town, so please add your own photos!

Rebecca Hajosy November 02, 2012 at 04:14 PM
This is a wonderful idea. Next year I will look for it so I can take me kids driving around town looking at the great displays. -Rebecca Hajosy


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