The 'Harlem Shake' Happens in the Whole Foods Garage

Complete with a jester on a pogo stick/unicycle, see the Harlem Shake in the parking garage of the Whole Foods Market on Raymond Rd.

Do you recognize anyone in this video? The Harlem Shake, straight from the Whole Foods garage in West Hartford!

The dance took place last Sunday during Whole Foods' Winter Fest/Chili Cookoff, held in the garage due to rain. Healthy Eating Specialist Tia Battiston, admitted that she was the one dancing in the front with the cut-out of Rip Esselstyn (vegan firefighter author of "Engine 2 Diet"). "Since I am the Healthy Eating Specialist I figured he was a natural fit for a dance partner," she said.

"Anything to embarrass my kids!" she said.

Battiston said that dancers included team members, customers, and even guests. Their outfits were part of the "retro snowsuit" theme for Winter Fest.

Team Leader Kristin Arslan is on the left in snow pants dancing with another cutout and her phone drops out of her pocket, said Battiston. Jayme Lozano, the solo dancer in the beginning, worked with Arslan to organize the dance. Arslan also recruited the jester, Battiston said.


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