Troublesome West Hartford Turkeys Take on School Bus

The same turkeys that have been attacking cars on Orchard Rd. were last seen messing with a school bus.

A video last week showed several turkeys pecking at the tires of a car on Orchard Rd.

Those bold turkeys don't seem to know that they need to stop for a school bus. They don't seem to mind the winter weather, either.

The turkeys were caught in action on Tuesday, taking on a larger set of tires on this school bus.

Have you tangled with these turkeys? Tell us in the comments and either add your photos or send them to ronni.newton@patch.com.

Kim Frigon January 30, 2013 at 03:50 PM
On behalf those of us who live here and have been dodging these no longer amusing birds on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day, for probably the past 8 months or so, please do not come to Orchard and feed the turkeys. Last Sunday my husband and I witnessed a couple in their car, stopped in the road and irresponsibly throwing turkey food out their window into the middle of the road. Please do not do this! Not only do they not need to be trained that their food supply comes from cars and is available in the middle of a well traveled road, they are going to eventually get run over.


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