West Hartford History: Where Was This Business Located?

Test your knowledge of West Hartford history with this photo from the archives of the Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society.

If you think you know the answer or have a special memory related to the photo, respond in the "Leave a comment" box below this article. We'll run the answer next Monday, along with a new historical photo. The image has been provided by the Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society. For more information on the museum's collection and programs, visit www.noahwebsterhouse.org.

Last week we asked:"For What Event Was This Stage Built?" The stage was deceivingly large, if you notice the people on the left side of the image.

"This is a tough one," commented Rick Liftig. "That's a very large stage in front of old Hall High School! The photos are in color and the girls are wearing 1950's style dresses. So the goto answer here is "West Hartford's 1954 Bicentennial" That's my guess."

R.C. Pond agreed that the stage was located at the old Hall High School (now Town Hall). Jeff Murray thought perhaps the stage was used as part of the town's celebration of the country's bicentennial in 1976.

Rick, although you thought this was a tough question, your guess was absolutely correct! The official answer from the Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society is: "In 1954 to celebrate the 200th birthday of the town, West Hartford school children put on a play on this stage, built as a natural amphitheater behind the old Hall High School. The stage was over 80 feet across and could accommodate over 1,000 performers. Look at how small the people appear in the image to get a real sense of the size of this stage."

Lisa Petersen January 21, 2013 at 12:12 PM
Seems to me that I've read about a mill on the corner of Trout Brook and Farmington Ave but I'm not sure if that was a grist mill or a lumber mill. It would make sense though that this would be on a "river" and that was probably Trout Brook
Tracey Wilson January 21, 2013 at 12:44 PM
If this is the mill on the corner of Trout Brook and Farmington as Lisa suggested, it would be the Trout Brook Ice and Feed Company. I've seen pictures of the conveyor belts which carried the blocks of ice. It closed in the late 1920s with the coming of refrigeration.
Betty Hoffman January 21, 2013 at 03:16 PM
Betty Hoffman: I think this is Frank Strong's blacksmith, wagon and wheel shop on Albany Avenue near the intersection of Flagg Road in Bishops Corner.
Rick Liftig January 21, 2013 at 04:21 PM
I'll throw this hat into the ring... those buildings look a lot like the buildings at Westmoor Park!
Daeshawn Kelley February 18, 2013 at 09:12 PM
wow! As a 21-year old it's incredible to see the tremendous transformation our town has undergone over the past several decades. My guess is that the establishment in this photo is located within the Trout Brook area, but your suggestion is as good as mine! If I may have a moment of your time, I'm using every opportunity to spread the word about a charitable event several Conard alum, myself included, will be participating in on March 31. We will be playing 24 HOURS of basketball alongside men from all over the country in efforts to raise $1,000 each to fund the Sonja Kil hospital in Cambodia! I'd love offer you more info. about this cause, my personal background, and possible donations! If interested please visit my website www.play4apurpose.org/daeshawn thanks for your time, and keep the photos comin'! haha


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