West Hartford History: Where Was This Store Located?

Test your knowledge of West Hartford history with this photo from the archives of the Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society.

If you think you know the answer or have a special memory related to the photo, respond in the "Leave a comment" box below this article. We'll run the answer next Monday, along with a new historical photo. The image has been provided by the Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society. For more information on the museum's collection and programs, visit www.noahwebsterhouse.org.

Last week we asked "Where Is This House?" and all four who commented correctly guessed that the house was located somewhere on North Main St.

Kelly Hartzog seemed to know the house well since it appears from the following comment that she has been in the house: "208 North Main. I believe it was a Captain's home? It's been taken care of and is beautiful inside as well. I used to babysit there."

The official answer from the Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society is: "The Whitman house is located at 208 North Main Street. It was built in 1764 and in 1807 an addition was added to the north end of the house in order to accommodate the growing family. Three generations of the Whitman family lived in the house."

Agatha Monahan January 07, 2013 at 07:02 PM
Perhaps, South Quaker Lane and Park Road... a long time ago.
Karen Winick January 07, 2013 at 09:02 PM
I agree with Ms Monahan! Karen


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