Why are they wearing black at Hall?

250 Hall High students in black.
250 Hall High students in black.
I saw Dr. Karen List the other night.  It was at the West Hartford's Cookin' annual fund raiser for the schools at Town Hall.  It is a fun event that I look forward to each year to see friends and meet and greet some of our leaders both elected and educational.  I asked Dr. List how the nine new Principals in town were settling in to their new roles.  We talked about how the West Hartford school system really is great because of the active role parents take in their kids education and how students are given a voice, listened to and respected.  While it might create some 'growing pains' for the new leadership, it is the 'West Hartford way' and a huge reason why our schools are consistently at the top of many state and national performance lists.

This past Wednesday, my Hall High 10th grade daughter was heading off to school wearing nothing but black.  This was a significant change from her normal wardrobe and of course it brought out the question of why.  

She explained that she was supporting Phys Ed teacher (Mr. Colagiovanni) who had just found out that the school would not be hiring him back next year when he very much wanted to be back.  Peeling back the onion a bit, I asked what was going on.  She told me that nearly all of the student body had started to do what they could to save his job.  Other teachers and coaches are also supporting his return.  Graduates are also joining the cause.  While they did not know the reason for the non-renewal of his contract, they know first hand that he is respected and valued member of the school community.

The students had made the decision to wear black to show support for this coach.  They notified the administration in advance and this past Wednesday, several hundred showed up in black.

One student athlete has been mentored by 'Coach C' (as the kids call him) for three years.  This Hall student, working with several others launched a petition and in just 24 hours, 1,251 students signed the petition supporting Colagiovanni.  That is nearly 85% of the students at Hall High.  The kids are not stopping there.  There's talk of attending the April 1st Board of Ed meeting at town hall to voice support in front of Dr. List and Incoming Superintendent Thomas Moore to make them aware of what is happening.  There is even talk of a Town Hall rally supporting the coach.

I've never met Coach Colagiovanni but am impressed beyond words at the students and what they are doing.  West Hartford needs to be proud as well, as these kids have learned the most important thing in life, and that is to stand up respectfully for what you believe in.  West Hartford needs to listen.  The school leadership needs to listen and Hall High School needs to listen.  This is exactly what we ask of our kids...and they've done it with style and class!  A trusted mentor and friend's career hangs in the balance.  

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Kathy March 29, 2014 at 03:47 AM
Now let's talk about MONEY. Is this coach rich and every so often will give kids $100 bucks if they can't affort food, clothes, or a place to stay? Is he dirt poor and sometimes asks some of the teens if he can borrow 100 bucks? Does he use the money for new uniforms? or to buy pizza for an after game party??? or does he use the money he gets from the teens to buy pot and then smokes alone or sometimes smokes with the teenagers? I know it is JUST pot..........but give me a break..... it is JUST booze...or JUST one time he hit the girl (substitute yelled at the girl, pushed the girl down, killed JUST one children.... give me a break...........he didn't kill 20 kids so IT COULD BE WORSE.) I heard that the WTC killed 1,000's of people. New York was crushed, but they are figuring out how to REMEMBER FOREVER, and ALSO figure out how to go on and LIVE a happy healthy life. How hard is that??? then there is the Boston Bombing............ It was ONLY 2 or 5 people killed but a lot injured............. I have heard people say, "Give me a break, Boston........... why are you getting so mention of attention??? wtc thing in 2002 was MUCH WORSE>>>>>>>>>>> pull yourself up by the boot strapes and move on.
Kathy March 29, 2014 at 03:51 AM
So.............. more about this coach guy...............Is he in a wheel chair? Is he scizophrenic? does he hear voices and then tell the teens how they should win since the "voice" tells him to act that way. is he bipolar and sometimes is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too happy around the players and then the next day waaaaaaaaaay too sad???????????????????? For whatever reasons............"He is not a good fit for West Hartford".
Kathy March 29, 2014 at 03:59 AM
Let's ask the football players at Conard......or rather Con NERD. I am a graduate of Hall High School '82 and it is VERY difficult to forget past things I chanted so emotionally and child-ish-ly back around 30 years ago. or is the coach a hocky coach.........or a volleyball coach or a girl's field hockey coach............. or a swimming coach...... I WANT ANSWERS and FACTS before I try to take a side on this whole "problem" of whether Pete or John or Nick or whatever his name is............comes back in the fall for Hall High. How about Conard High School? Would this Nick C. guy be a better "fit" coaching at the "enemy" school???? Does Hall win "too often" and people think it isn't fair that one high school wins ALL the time under this coach????? What do Conard teens want to happen to this coach??????????? Are Conard teens OPINIONS based on facts of based on opinions????? Talk to your kids!!!! find out WHY they think like they do!!!! tell them your opinions and ask them to give you all the facts they KNOW about this woman!!!! (Did he get borned a woman and now everyone knows he is a man? sort of like a wolf in sheep's clothing??????????)
Kathy March 29, 2014 at 04:07 AM
I am sort of sorry I am taking up so mush space on this page. I can't BELIEVE there aren't more opinions and facts written here by hundreds of parents/teens, residents/ regualr people etc. etc. etc. you "lose" a plane for about 3 weeks and EVERYONE and his mother has an OPINION what happened to about 250 people.... or is it 200 people?????? Does it matter to YOU???? What if the plane that got lost was one of those little tiny planes and had a husband, wife, and their 6 kids on it? or 2 children..... or JUST a husband and a wife????? How much would the world care????? How about if the plane was the biggest one in the world and was carrying the most people ever up flying through the skies with 863 people?????? how many "people" would have to be lost right now for every single person on earth to give a sh**? Or what if it was a person with 7 of his new puppies??? maybe someone who could care less about 250 people would stand up and take notice????? or if chickens that were about to hatch their eggs and I can tell you AT LEAST one man would care if his livlihood was based on that ONE chicken getting through the skies and getting to his home so he could feed his family.
Kathy March 29, 2014 at 04:54 AM
ok. what is up with this????? I just wrote over 5000 words on this topic and it wouldn't print up top. Can ANYONE what with me what "rules" I am breaking............. I hate the computer, except for RELEVENT stuff to ME, I hate texting..... too much is lost in translation............and it is there FOREVER. all you have to do is talk to your kids about this coach dilemma and make sure you take away THEIR TEXTING priviledges..... NOT their phone priviledges. They need to be in 100% contact with you................by TALKING to you. TALKING ON THE PHONE IS GOOD vs. TEXTING ON THE PHONE IS BAD. leave texting to the kids!!!! Your are the ADULT. INSIST your teens leave whatever they are in the middle of doing and TALK to you on the phone!!!!!! This isn't rocket science people. Technology is waaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of personal safety. At the end of the day..................the ONLY thing that is really important is that at midnight your child is ALIVE. I know............is no one commenting here on this post since it is too PUBLIC????? you can say your opinion in a "private email" to the person you want to know it is you........ but it is harder to say your opinion here in a more public setting.... is that it? HEY NICK..... is that your name????? WHAT IS YOUR STORY of everything that is happening right now in West Hartford??? or We Ha???? or WH? I know Hall high is located in Elmwood section of Weest hartttffffoord....... Where do YOU live?????????????????????????? Ha! just teasing. Hall High is located on North Main Street, "about" a half mile from Bloomfield. (oh dear..... bloomfield...........hush hush.....what if the "authorities" decided to move the "line" of where WH starts and ends and where Bloomfield starts and ends???? let's move the line hypothetically to right next to the vet place........... HOW many people would decide to move in the next 3 years?? Mind you everyone is the "Bloomfield" section would still attend Hall High school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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