Letter to the Editor: Don't Sell Raymond Road Space for Hotel

Writer believes green space should remain available to the community

Dear Editor,

I am disappointed that the town is looking to sell this piece of property between Raymond Road and Trout Brook Drive. Granted, it is probably a plum for development, but it is also one of the only open spaces in the center of town. It is used by families visiting the center, has hosted events, and provides a vista that will be "shut down" if another building goes up.

In addition, I am somewhat dubious that a hotel on that site will be a draw, given that we have the local West Hartford Inn, and large hotels in neighboring towns (just up the road over the line in Farmington and near Westfarms Mall, for instance).

I am not sure what has been studied that justifies the need for another hotel in the area. I'd like to see the town leave this space - albeit a "tax-maker" for the town – as a community space. Maybe put in a seasonal skating rink in the winter (for which a nominal fee could be charged), to draw us together as a town.  

Put up a gazebo and tables and draw people here for picnics, thus drawing more people into the Center overall. I am sure there are other creative ideas for use of this space and would hope the Town Council might entertain some of these before leaping to develop this lovely stretch of greenery in our town center.

I know it's a stretch – but what would New York City be without Central Park? You need to leave some green space to make a city/town livable.

Amy Frey

West Hartford

king of we ha April 24, 2012 at 01:01 PM
I agree; do not put a hotel there. But Amy, please don't mention the 'West Hartford Inn' as a viable place to stay in West Hartford. No one actually 'visits' West Hartford from out of state as a tourist destination as there is not much going on here. People from out of state aren't lining up to visit here, let us be honest. Keep the green space and improve it. Picnic areas, maybe see Elizabeth Park as an example. Set up bbq spots, etc.


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