Letter to the Editor: Green $15 Campaign at Bishops Corner Library 'A Doozie'

Author thinks asking for donations is an outrage.

Dear Editor,

I received an email from the West Hartford Public Library asking the public to donate money to the Green $15 Campaign to Renovate the . This is on top of receiving state and municipal monies.

The library says the renovations will increase energy efficiency, be compliant with the ADA, promote access to 21st century technology, and use space effectively.

Asking for donations is an outrage when the building was not in bad shape at all and ADA accessible through the senior center next door. The money the library is spending to renovate a perfectly good building might have been used to add staff to the library or bring back leaf collection or a variety of other essential town needs like road/bridge repair.

For a look at what the library plans to do, see the following:

  •  Energy efficient heating, ventilating and air conditioning
  •  Windows with insulated non-glare glass and new interior doors
  •  Lighting with modern and energy efficient fixtures
  •  A centrally located circulation and information desk
  •  A cheerful new children’s section and story hour room
  •  New entry with internal book return slot
  •  Removal of rear entry (New shelving in this area)
  •  Relocation of electrical wires/cables
  •  New flooring made from partially recycled materials
  •  Point-of-use hot water heaters

or click on this link


Alexis A Zinkerman

West Hartford, CT


Kevin Bryan March 13, 2012 at 03:41 PM
I have to agree with alexis. At a certain point all of this green business becomes a religious cult. It takes our focus off of real issues, drives the cost of business up, and raises our taxes.


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