Letter to the Editor: Supporting Town Clerk Essie Labrot

West Hartford is well served by Town Clerk Essie Labrot

Dear Editor,

Essie Labrot hit the ground running when she became Town Clerk in January 2008.

In the three years since Essie took office she has increased revenues and improved service, all while streamlining operations and reducing her budget by an impressive 21%.

In addition to being the department head of the Clerk’s office, she also manages the Town Council office, which handles all administrative and constituent issues for the Council.

Essie’s strong management and business background are clearly evident. In 2010 her hard work was recognized by the Connecticut Town Clerk’s Association when they gave her the “Above and Beyond Award”.

As documented in the West Hartford Town Council meeting minutes, Essie has routinely been praised by both the Democratic and Republican Town Council members for her job performance. In addition Essie has a long history of giving back to the community and is currently on the board of both the West Hartford Symphony and West Hartford Public Television.

Please join me in rewarding Essie for a job well done by re-electing her on November 8.


Rob Biddleman

90 Westmont

West Hartford


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