Need help for Excessive Clutter?

Research and Treatment Opportunity for People with Excessive Clutter


§ Is your home so cluttered that you have trouble using your rooms or furniture?


§  Is it difficult for you to throw things away, even if you don’t need them?


§  Do you bring too many things into your home?

Researchers at the Anxiety Disorders Center, Institute of Living, Hartford Hospital are conducting a research study investigating changes in brain functioning after treatment in people with Hoarding Disorder.
This study is open to individuals aged 20-60 who meet criteria for Hoarding Disorder. People with Hoarding Disorder often save or collect too many things and have extreme difficulty throwing things away. This often results in so much clutter that it is difficult to use rooms in their home as they are intended.

In this study participants will be randomly allocated to an immediate treatment condition or a delayed treatment condition. In the immediate treatment condition participants will receive cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) right away. In the delayed treatment condition participants will receive the CBT treatment after a 16 week delay. Participants are also required to complete an fMRI (brain scan) a few times across the study so that we can examine how your brain responds to different tasks. The CBT is provided at no cost to you and is a form of counseling that has been proven to be effective for many anxiety disorders. CBT is different from other kinds of psychotherapy. Whereas some forms of therapy focus on helping the person to discover why they feel anxious, CBT emphasizes teaching the person how to feel less anxious.

Participants are compensated up to $200 for completing the assessments (including the brain scans).

Please call (860) 545.7039 to complete a 20 minute phone screening or email us with a good time to call you for the screening.
Phone: 860.545.7039

Email: ADC.research@hhchealth.org

Website: http://www.harthosp.org/InstituteOfLiving/Research/AnxietyDisordersCenter/Hoarding/


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