Poll: Should Parents Host Prom Parties?

With prom season upon us, many teens are preparing for the big dance and making plans for places to hang out late night. Should parents allow them to party at their place if it includes alcohol?

Every year millions of teenagers primp and prep for the prom. In this area, various businesses are already advertising sales on gowns and tuxedos, transportation and flowers. Special fashion shows will be held and gown expos planned.

But what happens after the big dance?

It can be a struggle for parents who want to know that their children are safe. Do they allow their child and their child’s friends to crash at their place? Do they allow them to drink alcohol and take the car keys away?

In his regular informational blog on takes a moment to answer one parent’s question about the legalities of allowing his 18-year-old son to host an after-prom party at his home. Baron also addresses the question of whether the legal responsibility changes if the teens BYOB (bring their own beer/booze) versus if the parent provides the alcohol?

What do you think about the issue? Is it worth it to allow teens to drink in your home on prom night because you could keep them off the roads and safe? Tell us in the comment section and take the Patch Poll.

Blink April 10, 2012 at 02:40 PM
Andrew, a woman is old enough at the age of 12 to conceive a child but should she? Responsibility, Accountability. You need to sober up.
dccb9 April 10, 2012 at 03:36 PM
Well said. I completely agree. Parents and private establishments, not the government, should decide the drinking age. I have yet to see any evidence that having a drinking age of 21 curbs dangerous behavior and, in my experience, it increases recklessness and immaturity surrounding alcohol use.
Lori Rennels April 10, 2012 at 06:31 PM
Absolutely NOT!! It's weird enough watching them drink when they are legal at 21. I don't need to worry about them drinking and driving at 17 or 18. Besides it's the LAW!!!
John Bolton April 10, 2012 at 09:45 PM
If you think the drinking age should be lowered or eliminated thats fine but change the legislation not ignore the current law. Its just as naive to think throwing one party for your kids is going to make them safe. I love the assumption that its either letting them drink or nothing else. How about instead of finding ways of enabling poor decisions parents and towns focus on actually giving kids something else to do? one reason why kids drink, is because the only thing open after 9 pm on a weekend (in at least the farmington valley) is bars. So its either go home and look for some way to amuse yourself or go out and try to get into a bar. Its pretty sad the complete lack of activities for young people to do in this area and the little support any alternative gets. Avon is the perfect example. The place is a ghost town on weekend evenings with kids having to resort to hanging out in mcdonalds parking lot. Perhaps giving some alternatives would at least interest a percentage of kids to find something else to do. Maybe some town sponsored music events (since you current have to go to bars to see music), or a sports facility open in the evening (they can't even get a basketball court), or free outdoor movies like canton started doing, at this point anything. So really what are kids supposed to do other than stay home or go out and cause trouble.


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