What's On Tonight: Wipeout, The Next, Burn Notice

TV tips for Thursday, Aug. 16.

Dirk Langeveld is filling in for Elissa Bass while she is on vacation. She will resume this column on Aug. 28.

Wipeout, 8 p.m., ABC

As always, I have to give deference to one of Elissa’s favorites while I’m filling in for her. Tonight, former winners team up with “memorable losers” to face challenges dubbed “Mash-Mallows” and “Grin and Bear It.” Please be grizzlies, please be grizzlies…

The Next, 9 p.m., CW

Another late summer premiere and another reality show, this one having musicians travel around the country to coach people who are shooting for a recording contract. Gloria Estefan and Nelly pay a visit in this episode.

Burn Notice, 9 p.m., USA

Good to see that this is still on. Tonight, “Fiona must break into a guarded safe in order to help a CIA asset who’s in over her head with a black market businessman. Elsewhere, Sam and Jesse track a skilled sniper and look for answers at a mercenary training camp.”


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