What's On Tonight: MTV Video Music Awards, Democratic National Convention, Texas Car Wars

TV tips for Thursday, Sept. 6.

MTV Video Music Awards, 8 p.m., MTV

Being the patriots that they are, the execs at MTV bumped up the airtime of the annual awards show so as not to bump into the president’s speech at the Democratic National Convention. Because I imagine that the two share the same audience.

Democratic National Convention, 9 or 10 p.m., all networks

There’s been lots of Connecticut faces (not really on prime time, but it all counts) at the podium at the DNC, and of course tonight, just after 10, the president will accept the nomination. And that’s all I’m saying.

Texas Car Wars, 10 p.m., Discovery

You know how last year all the shows were in Alaska? Well, our reality hearts have turned to Texas, apparently, as this joins the fray. “The rivalries begin as several salvage crews battle over a 1964 Thunderbird, a 2002 Nissan Xterra, and a 1955 Ford Fairlane.”

Mark Odin September 06, 2012 at 02:21 PM
It was good that MTV rescheduled the VMA start time since it will help the younger folks flip the channel to Obama’s speech. I won’t be home in time for the DNC coverage, but I will record both programs on my Hopper. The 2,000 hours of recording space makes it easy to keep up with shows I miss when I work extra hours at Dish. I always feel that people should avoid talking about politics with others, but it’s always good to hear what both parties have to say.


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