What's On Tonight: Nacho Libre, Orphan, The Secret Princes

TV tips for Friday, Sept. 21.

Nacho Libre, 8 p.m., ACM

There are some moments of sheer brilliance in this Jack Black comedy, and if you have nothing better to do tonight, they are worth waiting for.

Orphan, 8 p.m., Lifetime

Or you could watch this and have the you-know-what scared out of you. “A series of alarming events leads a woman to believe that something evil lurks behind the angelic face of her recently adopted daughter. Starring Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard.”

The Secret Princes, 10 p.m., TLC

“The four princes say goodbye to their royal families and kingdoms and travel to their new home in Atlanta; they'll take on minimum wage jobs and learn to dress, act and date as average guys.” Or as I like to call it, Coming To America.


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