CTLCV Endorses 27 in Races for General Assembly Seats

Please view CTLCV list on 2012 Endorsements for the upcoming November 6th Election!!

Hartford, CT (August 10, 2012) - Today, the bipartisan Connecticut League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV) named its slate of endorsed candidates for election to the Connecticut General Assembly in the November 6 elections.

 To date, CTLCV has endorsed a bipartisan slate of 27 candidates, all of whom demonstrate strong leadership on environmental issues. All endorsed candidates must be committed to protecting Connecticut's land, water, air, and wildlife, and to working for sustainable solutions to pressing state issues like transportation, energy, and waste management.

"If you care about the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the wonderful parks and landscapes in Connecticut, then pay attention to what candidates are saying about environmental issues," said CTLCV Executive Director Lori Brown. "The candidates we endorse are reliable in their core environmental values and we urge people in their districts to support them at the polls on November 6."

In Connecticut General Assembly races, CTLCV endorses:

Rep. James Albis (D-House 99)
Rep. David Baram (D-House 15)
Sen. Toni Boucher (R-Senate 26)
Candidate Jason Bowsza (D-House 57)
Rep. Michelle Cook (D-House 65)
Rep. Andrew Fleischmann (D-House 18)
Rep. Mae Flexer (D-House 44)
Rep. Livvy Floren (R-House 149)
Rep. Gregory Haddad (D-House 54)
Candidate John Hampton (D-House 16)
Rep. Gail Lavielle (R-House 143)
Rep. Matthew Lesser (D-House 100)
Candidate Liz Linehan (D-House 103)
Rep. Geoff Luxemberg (D-House 12)
Sen. Edward Meyer (D-Senate 12)
Rep. Philip Miller (D-House 36)
Rep. Mary Mushinsky (D-House 85)
Candidate Christopher Phelps (D-House 32)
Rep. Matthew Ritter (D-House 1)
Rep. Kim Rose (D-House 118)
Rep. Jonathan Steinberg (D-House 136)
Rep. Diana Urban (D-House 43)
Rep. William Wadsworth (R-House 21)
Rep. Patricia Widlitz (D-House 98)
Rep. Roberta Willis (D-House 64)
Rep. Terrie Wood (R-House 141)
Rep. Elissa Wright (D-House 41)

By endorsing candidates who care about environmental values, the League is helping to elect people who will make good decisions that affect the state's environment every day. "Connecticut's economic and environmental quality of life has always depended on our natural resources.  We are counting on our endorsed candidates to champion smart environmental policies that will protect these irreplaceable assets,"  said Brown.


Every election year, CTLCV surveys candidates on their positions, records, and plans for protecting the environment. The League also interviews candidates as appropriate and reviews incumbents' voting records in its Annual Environmental Scorecard.  CTLCV will only consider endorsing candidates who have responded to the survey.


CTLCV has posted survey responses from all candidates seeking CTLCV's endorsement at


About the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters

Formed in 1998, the bipartisan Connecticut League of Conservation Voters works with legislators and environmental leaders in Connecticut. Their goal is to get sustainable environmental policies enacted at the state level that affect our air, water, wildlife, open space, transportation, energy choices, and health. CTLCV helps educate state legislators about issues, notifies them about important upcoming votes, and produces an annual environmental scorecard to track their individual voting records.

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Meadow Lane August 19, 2012 at 01:12 PM
The Romney-Ryan Plan: 1. Tax poor & working people but not the rich; 2. Encourage wages in the U.S. to fall to third world levels; 3. Pass trade laws that make it easy for companies to send jobs overseas; 4. Pass laws that enable only insurance companies to control who gets health care (including seniors) and who doesn't; 5. Replace public education with out of pocket private schools and home schooling; 6. Refuse to invest in crumbling public infrastructure such as highways, bridges, and sewer systems; 7. Environmental Policy: Pass laws and weaken regulations that enable companies to pollute the environment; 8. Pass laws that enable gas and oil production and prices to be controlled by a few large companies; Make sure that there is no longer any research or work on alternative energy sources; Keep defense spending high to protect non domestic oil production; 9. Repress rights for women and minorities and repress voting participation; 10. Divide the American people on cultural issues (religion, sexual orientation, gun rights, etc); 11. Instill fear in the American public through manufactured crises and created "boogeymen". Then attack political opponents by claiming to be more "patriotic" and the better keeper of "American Values" than they. 12. Make it impossible for literally millions of ELIGIBLE voters to cast their ballots, which is flagrant vote tampering and corruption. Can YOU afford to vote for these guys? I can't. I'm a working mother.
Steve Bristol August 19, 2012 at 04:45 PM
OK, whose job was it to lock the exit doors at MSNBC? Funny, CTLCV doesn't endorse Art Linares, candidate for the 33rd Senate District. He's only the co-founder of a solar energy company. Must be because they've reached their Republican quota of five...either that or because he's involved in Greenskies' business development...or because he wants to reduce taxes. Art Linares is young, energetic, determined and motivated. Like Sen. Rubio (R-FL), who Art interned for, Art is a rising Republican star, the kind of legislator we need here in CT. Steve Bristol
LiveForFreedom August 19, 2012 at 05:36 PM
Why list each representative individually? Just say vote a straight Democratic ticket in November. I am an advocate of natural gas alternative energy vehicles. These burn extremely clean and do not have the emissions of gasoline vehicles that produce carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and sulfide emmisions. The United States has more Natural Gas than Saudi Arabia has oil. This is a win-win for all Americans.
Luis Smart August 19, 2012 at 07:48 PM
But they did not only endorse democrats. Did you even read the list?
People Person August 19, 2012 at 08:09 PM
Thank you darling wonder Mitt! Thanks for blessing us with inspiration of inherited wealth. Thank you for teaching us nobody should pay more tax just because they hide money, tax-free, in the Caymans & Bermuda & Switzerland & Andorra. Thanks for having fools pay their taxes, while you live in luxury. Thanks for building an elevator for your cars & limos in one of your 7 palaces, which also gives us inspiration to be like you: accomplished & not being afraid to demonstrate loyalty to yr fellow accomplished friends with the promise to further lower their taxes. And also thank the Ryan budget author for promising to reduce yr tax rate to 1%. After all 13% tax rate sure beats the 37% rate those on salaries must pay. It'ss inspiring for all of us not yet rich as you; not rich like yr daddy, not rich as yr wife or boys. Thank you for choosing a running mate who is also a millionaire from the inheritance from his great-grandfather, the road builder, whose company was passed down to his son & then his son, Paul's Daddy afforded Mr. Ryan a life in Wash.DC & inspiration to lower taxes on his multimillionaire mom & dad & all those whom God has blessed. You go Mitt! Why should Americans wait for the government to give a measly retirement to those who paid for it, when you show how to take care of yourself? Why give people Obamacare just because people without $ get sick? If God wants them sick, why go against God's will? O Mitt, how inspiring you are! Pay no attention to envy!
M Miller August 19, 2012 at 10:05 PM
22 Democrats; 5 Republicans and 4 of whom are women. I am not surprised at this number and am grateful to those 5 who had the guts to take a stand. God I wish more would do this. We need more leaders in the state like this. Thanks to all.
Dr. Alfred C. Whitehead August 19, 2012 at 10:24 PM
How can you afford to keep the current admiistration in power when they have have created more national debt in the last three years than all others Administrations? National debt hurts poor people more than the wealthy.
Tom Collins August 19, 2012 at 10:51 PM
People person, One word Prozac.
Steve Bristol August 19, 2012 at 11:29 PM
PP Very ironic moniker considering the level of personal hatred you have. You COULD take a lesson from Romney. If you bother to look, he contributed his entire inheritance to BYU when his father died. The Romney's set up a charitable foundation that has donated many millions to worthy causes. He has done much work overseas in Asia besides his church-required missions. He personally donates many millions of $$ to various charities each year, including his tithe to the Mormon church. As far as taxes are concerned, there is no 37% tax rate, the highest being 35%--which, of course, is for income over almost $400K--because tax rates are marginal. That's not exactly your basic blue collar worker. Percentage means little--it's what that percentage means in terms of dollars, which would be huge. So what if his investments require lower rates? Without investments, companies don't exist for people to work at--like those who make and install the dreaded garage elevator, or build/work at his houses, etc. Risk SHOULD be rewarded. While you're complaining, how about Mrs. BHO who, because her hubby was a politician, was handed such an important job in Chicago (at > 300K) that it was eliminated when she left it...and the hospital rec'd a million dollar grant plus recently a $6million dollar HHS grant to her old program there. All of that courtesy of us taxpayers. Jeez, and people call ME mean-spirited. Steve
Ken August 20, 2012 at 02:17 PM
CTLCV endorses Democrat's for 22 of the 25 races? That's a 90% Democrat endorsement rate! Real "bipartisanship"... Let's call CTLCV what they truly are...just another wing of the Democrat Party. This "endorsement" is meaningless. Perhaps more telling is the list of "Republicans" they endorsed. Connecticut already has too many RINO's in office. Perhaps Republican voters need to take a closer look at these 5 individuals going forward... (Toni Boucher, Livvy Floren, Gail Lavielle, William Wadsworth and Terrie Wood)


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