Carbon Monoxide Exposure Sends Four Residents to Hospital

In the second reported incident in West Hartford this week, high levels of carbon monoxide sent residents to a local hospital for treatment.

A carbon monoxide detector was activated in a West Hartford home Tuesday evening, alerting occupants to high levels of the deadly gas in the residence.

The reported that they responded to a carbon monoxide incident at 6 Fulton Place at 7:36 p.m. Tuesday. The occupant reported that a carbon monoxide detector had been activated, fire department officials said in a release.

According to the fire department, the high level of carbon monoxide was attributed to a contractor using gasoline-powered equipment in the basement of an attached addition to the residence. Fans were used by the fire department to remove the carbon monoxide and fumes, and the contractor removed the gasoline-powered appliance, fire department officials said.

According to the fire department, one adult and one child were transported to Hartford Hospital by ambulance, and another adult and child also went to Hartford Hospital for treatment.



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