Firefighters Participate in 'Tune-In To Life'

Representatives from the West Hartford Fire Department visited all 11 elementary schools to hand out t-shirts.

On Thursday, April 26, West Hartford’s bravest turned out to assist , distributing nearly 850 t-shirts to the town’s 5th graders as part of a campaign emphasizing alcohol- and drug-free choices.

The shirts are a way for The Bridge to thank the kids for participating in a poster contest in which they illustrated the positive choices they make as alternatives to drugs and alcohol.

The firefighters provided “boots on the ground” to get a t-shirt to every 5th grader, while offering their own reinforcement of the anti-drug message.

As the firefighters visited classrooms to pass out the shirts, they were treated to the children’s descriptions of what they illustrated on their posters, including sports, music, reading, healthy foods, companionship, as well as some overt anti-drug messages.

“For us it’s a treat to speak with the kids in a non-emergency setting,” said Fire Captain John Brice. “It’s really positive to see how nice and enthusiastic they are, and how receptive to the anti-drug message they are. For the parents, I also want you to know that as I visited the classrooms, I was impressed by how well your teachers have these kids on task.”

The shirts and posters are part of The Bridge’s 25th annual “Tune-In to
Life” week which concludes on April 28. Tune-In to Life features family-friendly events and programs promoting healthy drug-free activities, both fun and educational, for all ages.

A complete program description and list of events is on The Bridge website. The firefighters’ union, West Hartford Fire Fighters Association, Local 1241, IAFF, is also a financial sponsor of Tune-In to Life.

Release submitted by West Hartford Fire Department


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