Four Goats Rescued from Overhang at Simsbury High School

Simsbury Volunteer Firefighters rescue pygmy goats found trapped early Wednesday morning in what school officials assume was a prank.

A Simsbury High School custodian who arrived at the school early Wednesday morning for a routine building check discovered four pygmy goats trapped on an overhang at the school's main entrance.

Simsbury Police were notified at approximately 5:30 a.m. after the custodian made the discovery, according to Principal Neil Sullivan. Simsbury Volunteer Firefighters were dispatched to remove the four goats.

Police would not comment on the incident but said it remains under investigation.

"I'm assuming it was a prank at this point," Principal Neil Sullivan said.

Sullivan said the goats were rescued before 6 a.m. Police contacted Flamig Farm owner Nevin Christensen to ask if the four goats belonged to his farm, according to farm manager Heather Winarski.

"They called and said our goats were possibly stuck on the roof," Winarski said.

Christensen went to the high school and mistakingly thought the goats belonged to his farm.

"They do look similar to our goats, but they're not," Winarski said.

Police requested Christensen keep the goats until the real owner is found.

Sullivan said the goats were stuck on a 10-foot overhang over the school's entrance, not on the roof of the building. Exactly how the goats came to arrive on the overhang is unknown.

"Right now we're trying to cooperate with them and let them handle the investigation while we carry on with the business of wrapping up the school year," Sullivan said.


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