Injured Woman From Berlin Fair Bull Mishap Was Responsive When Flown To Hospital

According to Berlin Lions, the Xtreme Bullriders "The Ring of Fire" is shut down for remainder of Fair after a woman was gored Friday.


When the Berlin Fair added bull riding to its entertainment list last year, it quickly became a very popular attraction.

There were 10 people who signed up to participate in the Xtreme Bullriders "Ring of Fire" this year. The object of the game was for the players to stand in a white chalk circle when a bull is let loose and the last person standing would win a cash prize.

As soon as the bull ran out, it took out seven of the players like a bowling ball going through pins. Included in the first group that was knocked down was Berlin Fair President Mark Neumann. On its second pass, the bull knocked down the rest of the players, including a woman in her 30's identified only as Tina by her friends.

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 While the others struggled to get to their knees or stand, the female stayed down and was seriously injured. She was treated on the scene by emergency workers and then taken by ambulance to Hubbard Elementry School. There, she was met by a LifeStar helicopter, which took her to Hartford Hospital. Another player, a male, was reportedly taken to The Hospital of Central Connecticut by ambulance.

It was not the first time that EMS were called to the bull ring on Friday as several riders were hurt during their riding sessions earlier in the day.

Neumann said he was feeling okay, but sore.

"There were a lot of reports and rumors but a bright side was that the young lady who was injured was conscious and alert before she left the Fairgrounds," Neumann said.

Onlookers could not believe what they saw.

"The first time through the bull knocked most of them down and then went back and got the rest," said Fred Orde of Berlin. "It was scary to watch, like something out of the movie. The lady was bleeding pretty badly. It looked like she got the horns right int he chest under her chin."

Another resident, Jean Garrison, said she was still a bit in shock.

"I'm sitting here still trying to figure out if this really happened," Garrison said. "It was like a bowling bowl. The bull knocked everybody down and then used its body to knock some others down. At the end the bull picked up a man and threw him in the air and then hit the woman almost head-on. It was scary."

Lindsay Fanelli was one of the players. She commented on the original story on Patch Friday night.

"The problem was they asked participants from the audience to pay $20 to stand in a ring and see who could last the longest, unfortunately, I was one of them," she said. "And I was standing next to the women who was hurt. She also paid to see if she could outlast everyone in the ring. The bull was very aggressive and next thing I knew I was thrown and the woman was bleeding."

The Lions Club Public Safety Director Rob Martin told Channel 3 News that the Berlin Lions did not know this "Ring of Fire" was going to be part of the Bull Riding program and that it is definitely shut down for the rest of the weekend.

To see video click here.

Melissa Parks October 06, 2012 at 02:42 PM
Put the blame on where it belongs, the people dumb enough to get around a bull. What did you expect from a wild animal??? Boggles the mind. Anyway good luck with any lawsuit. They signed a waiver and noone forced them to do it.
Bobbie Coughlin October 06, 2012 at 02:58 PM
After reading the stories & watching the videos, I was bemused by the fact that the woman's friend claimed they didn't know what they were getting into--like that there'd be a bull inolved. They had signed a waiver. Did they not bother to read it? They had, no doubt, be watching professionals being chased, thrown and stomped by very big, very mean. very angry bulls. Did they have the notion that Ferdinand was being held in reserve for them? And the Lions' safety director stating that they didn't know this was part of the show. The President of the Lions Club participated! Was there no commuication? I left the rodeo before the Ring of Fire, but it was announced repeatedly in the half an hour or so I watched the riders. No way it wasn't clear that this was happening.
Joanne Temple October 06, 2012 at 03:14 PM
Will the waivers still be legal if the participants were drinking prior to signing? This shows poor judgement from everyone - the participants, the Lions Club, and the professionals who own the animals - has anyone ever met a bull that is happy - especially after having been stuck in that little cage? Was the prize worth it?
Bryan Cook October 06, 2012 at 04:43 PM
How in the world did the Lions Club ever allow such a ridiculous event? It does not seem difficult to think that this is an event just waiting for someone to get hurt. It seems as ridiculous as the running of the bulls in Spain. Lots of blame to go around!
Mike Pendergast October 06, 2012 at 06:02 PM
The lawyers should have a field day with this!


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