MDC Warns of Imposter in West Hartford [Updated]

Person accessed a West Hartford resident's home, but did not appear to have taken anything.

One person posing as a Metropolitan District Commission employee accessed a West Hartford home on Monday, according to an MDC spokesperson.

Spokesperson Kerry Martin said in a telephone interview that the individual knocked on the door of an elderly person’s residence claiming that something was wrong with the water service.

The man, described as in his 20s, 5'10", accessed the basement and then left, Martin said. He did not appear to have taken anything.

The resident subsequently contacted MDC. West Hartford police are investigating, Martin said. No further information - including the address of the alleged incident - was available.

Martin provided the following information for people to be on the lookout for MDC imposters:

  • MDC field employees wear clothing and drive vehicles clearly marked with the MDC logo.

  • If someone comes to your door, ask to see ID. “If they don’t have it, don’t let them in,” Martin said.

  • If someone shows up at your door claiming to be from the water company, and you don’t have a previous appointment, verify that he or she is from the MDC by calling the MDC Command Center at 860-278-7850, ext. 3600.

  • Anyone who has reservations about the identity of the individual at the door may also dial 9-1-1, Martin said.

“Typically, we don’t show up unannounced,” Martin said. “Unfortunately, when water main breaks are highly publicized, people [with nefarious motives] want to take advantage and use that.”


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