Vehicle Crashes into LaSalle Road Post Office

No one injured in Monday afternoon incident.


West Hartford resident Jen Krebsbach was leaving the on LaSalle Road in West Hartford Center at around 4 p.m. Monday afternoon when she saw something that was seriously out of place.

"Just as I was walking out the door, there comes a car directly toward the door, but going slowly," Krebsbach said. She started yelling for the driver to stop. "Then I looked up and there was no one driving the car."

Krebsbach's next thought was of her 13-year-old son, Will, who was right behind her in the post office doorway. Will ducked out of the way, as the vehicle crashed into the glass panel just to the left of the post office doorway. He was shaken, but unhurt.

The vehicle's owner, West Hartford resident Lynn Wadhams, had stopped to drop off a letter in the mailboxes outside the post office, she said. Finding the parking spaces on both sides of the street occupied, Wadhams said she left her car running and got out to mail the letter.

"I was sure it was in 'park' when I got out," Wadhams said. The car rolled over the curb and into the building as Wadhams tried to grab the door to stop it.

"I'm just so relieved that no one was hurt," she said. Police confirmed that there were no injuries. Damage to Wadham's car appeared to be minimal.

The building housing the LaSalle Road branch of the United States Post Office was several months ago, and will soon be home to Rockville Bank. The post office will maintain a small branch office in the building.


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