West Hartford Arrests: Breach of Peace, DUI, Assault

Arrests by West Hartford police between July 19-July 22. The following information was supplied by the West Hartford Police Department and does not indicate a conviction.

The following arrests were made between July 19 and July 22, 2012, and are listed in reverse chronological order. Information was from the , 103 Raymond Road. Some charges may stem from multiple arrests; bond listed when available; arrests do not indicate convictions:

JULY 22:

Quach, Huy H., 49, of 37 Yale St., West Hartford: Arrested at 22 Mozart St.; charged with second degree breach of peace, operation while under the influence, first-degree reckless endangerment. Bond $2,500.

Duong, Toan, 54, of 53 Lincoln Ave., West Hartford: Charged with failure to drive right, operation while under the influence. Bond $500.

Bicarie, Carlos K., 40, of 1812 S. 65th St., Philadelphia, PA: Charged wtih third-degree assault, second degree breach of peace, illegal possession of marijuana, injury/risk/impairing morals.

Alleman, Kathleen J., 50, of 70 Boulanger Ave., West Hartford: Charged with disorderly conduct, possession of drug paraphernalia, second-degree threatening. Bond $5,000.

JULY 21:

Moraales, Erica R., 18, of 95 Kibbe St., Hartford: Arrested at 1500 New Britain Ave.; charged with second-degree breach of peace. Bond $5,000.

Rosa, Rosa M., 39, of 95 Kibbe St., Hartford: Charged with second degree breach of peace. Bond $5,000.

Mitchell, Dwayne, 42, of 635 Burnside Ave., Apt. B1, East Hartford: Arrested at 1044 Boulevard; charged with interfering with an officer, sixth degree larceny. Bond $5,000.

JULY 20:

Gabriel, Roman V., 43, of 152 Janet Dr., East Hartford: Charged with disorderly conduct. Bond $5,000.

Isaacson, Alan, 52, of 100 Oakwood Ave., Apt. B2, West Hartford: Charged with disorderly conduct, interfering with an officer. Bond $5,000.

Mitchell, Taquoria V., 26, of 71 Gold St., East Hartford: Charged with criminal impersonation, second-degree forgery, interfering with an officer, misuse of plate, no insurance, operation motor vehicle other than a motorcycle without license. Bond $2,500.

Rosa, Victor E., 21, of 1630 Main St., Apt. 907, Hartford: Charged with second-degree breach of peace. Bond $2,500.

Donaldson, Brenda, 43, of 13 Hobron St., #6, New London: Arrested at New Park Ave./Flatbush Ave.; charged with failure to keep drugs in original container, illegal possession, restricted turns/fail signal. Bond $5,000.

Pagan, Carmen Y., 36, of 350 Quaker Lane, West Hartford: Arrested at 350 South Quaker Lane; charged with disorderly conduct. Bond $5,000.

Hinze, Jordan C., 24, of 95 Lorelei Circle, Middletown: Charged with first degree failure to appear. Bond $10,000.

Jarvis, Jamie R., 29, of 1238 Hartford Turnpike, Vernon: Charged with operation while under the influence. Bond $1,000.

Lafond, Jason B., 29, of 225 East Rd., Bristol: Arrested at 37 Raymond Rd.; charged with two counts of third-degree assault, second-degree breach of peace, third-degree criminal mischief, first-degree criminal trespass, disorderly conduct. Bond $20,000.

JULY 19:

Santoro, Joseph H., 64, 498 Woodruff St., Southington: Arrested at Park Rd./Greenhurst Rd.; charged with failure to drive in proper lane, operation while under the influence. Bond $500.

Serrano, Ricardo, 27, of 147 Madison Ave., Hartford: Arrested at 503 New Park Ave.; charged with second-degree failure to appear.


For questions about this blotter, email Editor Ronni Newton at: ronni.newton@patch.com.


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