West Hartford Police Warn of Increase in Fraud Complaints Involving Elderly

Elderly residents targets of telephone fraud and distraction burglaries.

From the West Hartford police Facebook page:

The West Hartford Police Department has seen an increase in the number of fraud complaints involving elderly victims. The investigations revolved around claims that the victims had won a lottery, were needed to bail a grandchild out from jail, had overdue utility bills and/or needed to provide someone their personal information over the telephone to avoid some penalty.

Elderly residents have also been recently targeted for “distraction burglaries”. Victims were distracted either inside or outside their home while a partner in crime entered the home to steal items.

Please be vigilant and help family, friends and neighbors avoid being victims of those who prey on others. If you feel you have been the victim of a similar crime (or any other crime), please contact the WHPD to file a complaint.


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