[Updated 2:30 p.m.] West Hartford Resident Struck by Car at South Windsor High School

Brenden McClay of West Hartford and another pedestrian were injured and transported to Hartford Hospital.

[Updated 2:30 p.m., Thursday] As of 2:30 p.m., Warnock's condition has been upgraded to good, according to Hartford Hospital spokeswoman Rebecca Stewart.

[Updated 9:40 p.m.] Hartford Hospital spokeswoman Rebecca Stewart said that McClay has been released from the hospital, while Warnock's condition (serious) remained unchanged.

[Updated 7 p.m.] Warnock's condition as of 7 p.m. is serious, according to Hartford Hospital spokeswoman Rebecca Stewart. McClay is in good condition, according to Stewart.

[Updated 4:20 p.m.] Warnock has been transferred to the intensive care unit at Hartford Hospital. He is listed as being in critical condition, according to Hartford Hospital staff.

McClay is listed as being in stable condition, according to staff.

[Updated 2 p.m.] According to a representative in the Hartford Hospital Emergency Department, West Hartford resident Brenden McClay is in stable condition at this time. The nature of his injuries is unconfirmed.

Somers resident James Warnock is currently in the operating room, and his status is unavailable at this time according to a Hartford Hospital representative.

[Updated 10:15 a.m.] The names of the people involved in the accident have been released by South Windsor Chief of Police Matthew Reed.

The two pedestrians struck were West Hartford resident Brenden McClay, a physical education teacher at the high school and the coach of the varsity basketball team, and Somers resident James Warnock, also a physical education teacher at the school.

The extent of their injuries are still not yet known, according to Reed, though LifeStar was called and then dismissed when it was determined that a helicopter was too far out of range.

The driver of the black Volkswagon Jetta was 19-year-old Keith Huppe, a town resident and former student of the school who was dropping off a student.

The investigation, with assistance from Enfield, Manchester and Windsor police as part of a regional accident reconstruction team, is still ongoing, according to Reed.

There were some preliminary reports, however.

Huppe, according to Reed was traveling east toward Nevers Road when he struck McClay and Warnock, who were walking down the driveway toward the athletic fields.

"It's very common [for people to walk down the driveway]," Reed said. "You see them here all the time. ... Whether they were walking in the road or crossing the road, I don't know.

"That time of the morning, the sun is killing you here through these trees," Reed continued. "Preliminary indications are that perhaps the sun interfered with the driver."

No determination has been made yet, according to Reed, as to whether any charges will be filed agaist Huppe.

"That's what the accident team will do, is determine if there were any violations," Reed said.

Reed said that despite the sun's glare being difficult during the morning hours in that area, there aren't too many incidents where the South Windsor High School driveway connects with Nevers Road despite the heavy traffic at that hour.

"It's one of those situations that there are [so many cars during that time], people are very cautious," Reed said. "We haven't had significant issues in the past related to the accidents."

Students at the high school, according to Reed, were notified over the public address system that the accident had taken place. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kate Carter also sent out a notification.

[Updated: 9:55 a.m.] The pedestrians are both South Windsor High physical education teachers, according to police. One of the pedestrians struck sustained a head injury after striking his head on the windshield of the car with enough force to crack the windshield, according to Sgt. Scott Custer.

The driver, according to Custer, was an adult who was dropping off a student. Custer did not have the identities of the driver or the names of the pedestrians struck.

The Metro Traffic Services Accident Reconstruction Team is on the scene with South Windsor Police.

Custer said that the sun's glare may have been involved in the accident, which occurred in the South Windsor High School driveway.

[Original Story] Two pedestrians were struck by a motor vehicle on Nevers Road near the South Windsor High School driveway across from the Charles N. Enes Community Center this morning, according to police.

Police dispatchers were notified at 7:58 a.m. of an accident at the South Windsor High School entrance in which a car struck two pedestrians. 

Both pedestrians were injured, according to police, and are being transported to Hartford Hospital for treatment. A LifeStar helicopter was requested, but was out of the area, so paramedics opted to transport by ground.

The involved vehicle operator remained on scene, according to police. 

"I do not not have the ages or names of the involved parties at this time," Sgt. Scott Custer of the South Windsor police said.

Members of the South Windsor Police Traffic Unit and Metro Traffic Services were expected to be at the scene until around 9:30 a.m.

Police will provide updates as they come in, according to Custer.


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