Annual Christmas Tree Collection Begins

A message from West Hartford's Public Works Department


The following information was contained in a news realease from the Town of West Hartford.

The West Hartford Public Works Department began its annual Christmas tree collection program on Tuesday, Jan. 3 in the Monday refuse collection area. 

Residents in all refuse collection areas should bring their trees (no artificial trees, please) to the curb, but please keep them out of the street. Residents are reminded that these trees are ground and recycled into wood chips. Therefore, please remove any plastic bags, ornaments, lights or stands from your tree before you place it at the curb. These items are not recyclable and present a safety hazard to both equipment and personnel. Trees contaminated with these items will not be collected.

The collection will make two passes residential streets in all refuse collection areas beginning in the Monday refuse collection area and ending in the Friday refuse collection area.

Please remember that the collection may be postponed due to snow fighting operations. During snow fighting operations, we recommend that you remove your tree from the curbside to avoid burying the tree in snow where it will become frozen and uncollectable. Christmas tree collection will resume after snow operations are completed. 

Updates on the status of the collection will be available on the Town’s website.

Residents who wish to bring their trees to the town at 25 Brixton Street may do so from Monday through Friday, between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Unfortunately, there are no weekend hours at the Recycling Center until April.

Please call the Department of Public Works at 860-561-8100 if you have any questions.


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