Connecticut Lawmakers Meeting to Close Budget Deficit

Longevity bonuses and hospital reimbursements are set to be cut, the Hartford Courant reports.

Connecticut legislators have been meeting in secret to negotiate a deal that would close the state's budget deficit, the Hartford Courant reports today.

Legislators will meet in Hartford today to vote on a deal that reportedly includes abandoning longevity bonuses for nonunionized state workers and cutting payments to the state's hospitals, the Courant reports. The moves are intended to close a $365 million deficit estimated in this year's state budget and to head off a projected $1 billion deficit projected in the 2013 budget year.

Gov. Dannel Malloy earlier this month put forth a $123 million “budget mitigation plan” that includes $4.7 million in cuts to some town programs. The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, the main lobbying group for the state's towns, has questioned whether the governor had the authority to make those cuts.

Malloy has said the ongoing budget problems are a reflection of the country's economic woes. A recent report by the University of Connecticut indicates the state's economy will remain weak in 2013 but will begin to rebound the following year.

Paul Chotkowski December 19, 2012 at 07:27 PM
Keep It Simple Stupid [KISS]! Reduce non-labor spending [real spending not the rate of growth], cut the number of state employees, reduce the pay and benefits of the remaining employees, delay, defer & eliminate capital projects, and refinance debt. Just gave you for free what non-state owned companies pay big bucks to turn around specialist for every day of the year! Stupid! They should just raise prices [taxes], borrow more money to pay operating costs, hire more [Democrat] Union employees, and give away for free to Covetous Takers more of what their Skilled Makers produce. Now that’s a business plan that will get our beloved Chairman Mao Loy promoted to the Central Committee oops should have said to our Glorious Leader's Cabinet or maybe even made a Czar! All hail the mighty Caesar! Who cares about the Ides of March rather beware the fiscal cliff! We better start looking for a chariot, a laurel crown, and a whispering lackey, its been a while since CT had a Triumphus!
Happy Percy December 19, 2012 at 09:12 PM
Why is it that ALL Government levels lie to you. Even the Townof Granby is in the Gray, with comments from the Planing and Zoning and Community Developer's Offcie. Granby really neeeds an Ethics Commission!!
Bill December 25, 2012 at 07:25 PM
Town governments are spending too much. Simsbury is saying they need to increase taxes yet they build 9 foot corner stones on all the main roads at the end of the year when they see they are running a surplus so they have an excuse to raise taxes next year. What really gets me is they put a stop light out side the Antonio's restaurant. They built it knowing they wouldn't get approval from the state, but did it anyway so they can go to the state later and say "look we already build it can we turn it on now". The state still said no. What a waste and no one is complaining about it. You don't hear about wasteful spending on the news.
Guido December 25, 2012 at 08:10 PM
The Board of Education consumes two-thirds to three-fourths of a town's budget. So should we cut education? Municipal unions make it virtually impossible to fire and layoff employees even if they hardly work. And their benefits, like defined benefit plans, are no longer offered in the marketplace, being replaced by defined contribution plans, 401k plans, and simple IRAs. Either local property owners demand salaries and benefit plans for municipal employees based on the existing marketplace and not unions who control Democratic mayors and arbitration for governmental employees is done away with and replaced with the town's ability to terminate employees based on budgetary reasons. So what do you suggest?
Bill December 25, 2012 at 10:04 PM
Rob, I think we agree, we spend too much on education here in Simsbury. I never liked unions no matter where they are. I met with a person in the technology department of Simsbury High. At least last year they were going to try to get a loan to give each child a laptop. This stuff is unnecessary and are spiking up the cost of living. The only reason why big businesses come to Simsbury is for special tax free preferences. They leave once their tax free status expires. Just look at The Hartford who is moving to a new location after their tax property free status expired. I wish people would realize this, but you and I know there are not many people that go to town meetings or keep up with local news. Mary Glassman is an incumbent who has a very secure job thanks to the uninformed.


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