Connecticut Taking Part in 'Operation Safe Driver'

The week-long campaign, underway now, is targets commercial drivers and bus drivers.

If you drive a commercial vehicle or bus, the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles is on the lookout for you.

The agency this week launched “Operation Safe Driver,” a campaign of increased traffic patrols for unsafe drivers with a focus on commercial vehicle and bus drivers.

 “This special week reminds large truck and bus operators of the needless risks that are taken with aggressive or distracted driving,” said Melody A. Currey,  commissioner of the DMV. “In addition, all drivers should pay extra attention when driving around commercial vehicles to ensure everyone’s safety.

The program runs Oct. 14-20, during which DMV personnel will focus on violations like speeding, following too close, making unsafe lane changes and driving distracted.  Operation Safe Driver focuses on increasing commercial driver safety performance through enforcement and education. It is part of a national campaign sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and which seeks to reduce aggressive and distracted driving. Other states this week are also launching their own Operation Safe Driver programs that focus on how motorists can drive safely around large trucks and targets unsafe drivers.

Andrew Ziemba October 17, 2012 at 05:07 PM
This should be renamed "operation waste tax dollars" or "operation collect more revenue" either way it would be a spot on description.
Harry Sawyer October 20, 2012 at 08:58 AM
What a joke.. I say, place a DOT associate, in a 18 wheeler, or bus, and see how the idiots in everyday passenger cars, zip in and out, between these professional drivers... Then there would be new found respect, for the "commerical operator". Perhaps they should be watching the little rice burner's, with fart cans, and tinted windows...


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