Hazardous Conditions Prevent West Hartford Schools from Opening on Tuesday

Superintendent's message to parents urges caution for when students return, 'hopefully on Wednesday.'

School Superintendent Dr. Karen List sent out a message to parents on Monday that would be closed again on Tuesday, for the seventh straight day.

"This 10-day ordeal — struggling with the aftermath of Storm Alfred — has challenged us to our core," List said in her recorded phone message. "This natural disaster is unprecedented."

List said the majority of the town's 16 schools have power but conditions on school grounds and in neighborhoods made it too dangerous for school to resume.

"There are still downed lines in our neighborhoods, storm debris blocks
visibility and sidewalks, traffic lights are still out," she said. 

When school does reopen — as List said, "hopefully on Wednesday" — she urged parents to walk with their children to school or the bus stop.

List said the schools would make a trial bus run without children on Tuesday. She also said some buses would probably be late after schools reopen because of debris in the roadways.

"There is nothing I want more than for power to be restored to all homes, our lives to return to normal and our children to be in our schools learning," she said. "I sincerely appreciate your patience during these extraordinarily trying times. I’ll be in touch tomorrow."

Joan Gurski November 07, 2011 at 08:29 PM
The National Weather Service does not name snowstorms; only hurricanes and tropical storm. "Alfred" is the creation of WFSB 3, the local station that does name storms. But don't expect your insurance folks to know "Alfred" since it's not really the storm's name.


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