Important Update from Town of West Hartford on Power and Cleanup

Status updated as of November 8, 2011.


Sunshine, 67 degrees! Go for a “practice walk” to school today so you are aware of any challenges in your neighborhood. Please take a look at the storm debris on your sidewalk and clear a path for schoolchildren.


  • As of this morning, 3,795 West Hartford homes were without power on Day 11. If you are still without power, call CL&P daily at (800) 286-2000. If the wire and/or box is disconnected from your house, CL&P will make repairs if they are simple and safe. If not, homeowners will need to call an electrician. Every home should have power by midnight Wednesday.
  • 104 crews are in town today working on 594 trouble spots and reconnecting service wires. Trouble spots are defined as areas that have a blown transformer, wires down or broken equipment. Specifically, crews are working in and around these neighborhoods: 38 crews in the southeast section of town, 10 crews in the Rockledge Golf Course to Duffy School area, 7 crews in the Grove Street area, 8 crews in the Vine Hill area, 10 crews in the Ridgewood Road to Sedgwick Road area, 3 crews in the Shield Street area and 6 crews in the Farmington Avenue to Fern Street area and several crews in the Farmington Avenue to Asylum Avenue area. The remainder 20+ crews are making service line repairs and assisting in various locations as needed around town.
  • SCHOOLS:  All schools now have power. Schools will RESUME on Wednesday, November 9. The Superintendent of Schools recommends that families walk together to the bus stop or to the school (if your child is a “walker”) so more eyes are on the road and everyone is aware of their surroundings. Go for a “practice walk” today. You may see school buses taking a trial run today as well. Please take a look at the storm debris on your sidewalk and clear a path for schoolchildren.
  • Stay away from downed communication lines because the open ends have voltage that will harm you. Don’t drive or walk over communication, cable or power lines.
  • Some homes that have power may experience a short-term power outage that CL&P refers to as “switching.” Power has to be temporarily turned off so crews can safely make repairs to bring more homes on line. This power outage should not last more than two hours.
  • Questions? Call the West Hartford Emergency Operations Center at 860-523-2020. 


DPW has placed RED tape on trees that are considered hazardous. Please be aware of these trees in our town parks, athletic fields and school grounds.

The Department of Public Works will be coordinating a town-wide curbside collection of brush. Please stack brush neatly parallel to the curb, not in the street. Big equipment will be removing the brush from your lawn and chipping it. Please understand that your brush may be at the curb for several weeks or more before it is collected. Please clear a path on your sidewalk so schoolchildren can get to their bus stops or schools safely.

Ashbritt, a storm debris removal company, will be assisting the Town with clean up on town streets and properties including schools. There may be as many as 40 to 60 large and small trucks in one neighborhood. Please stay clear of these trucks for your own safety. Crews will be working from dawn to dusk, cutting, lifting and chipping wood.

The Department of Public Works has set up three brush drop-off locations for residents: , and Spice Bush Swamp.  Also, brush may be brought to EnviroCycle, the at 25 Brixton Street. They are open Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Saturdays 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, closed on Sunday.


Election Day is being held today as scheduled.  Go to your normal polling location.


There are no delays in the collection of trash and recyclables this week. DPW crews have resumed the town’s leaf bag collection. Just a reminder, there is no town-sponsored leaf vacuum service. A list of landscapers who provide this service is found on the town’s web site, www.westhartford.org/publicworks


will be closed today as our emergency shelter.


Residents are invited to visit any of our recreation facilities and town libraries to warm up and charge a phone. The Faxon Branch Library is closed for repairs; the library will reopen on Thursday, November 10.


Practice games will resume on Thursday in the school gyms and town fields. Beware of trees marked with RED tape that are considered hazardous. Please stay away.



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