Public Works Collects Leaf Bags But Not Storm Debris

An update from West Hartford's Director of Public Works.

The Department of Public Works interrupted normal fall activity once again Wednesday to plow and apply an ice melt mixture to West Hartford's roads.

The following message has been provided by Director of Public Works John Phillips:

The Department of Public Works has returned to our routine work for this time of year. The fall leaf bag program is now entering its peak volume weeks.

Residents are encourage to utilize this program. Residents who choose to hire a contractor to vacuum up their leaves are reminded that the leaves should not be placed in the street. Leaves in the street create a public safety issue. The piles will cause reduced travel lanes for motorists and can cause localized flooding during fall rainstorms or the current nor’easter.

When we have to plow the street, we also end up plowing the leaf pile and that will only affect the neighbor downstream of the pile.

Other public works crews will be out finishing the paving projects that remain. The grounds division continues to support fall sport programs, fall clean-ups all around town, and ongoing tree work.

This is also a reminder that the Town of West Hartford will not be collecting any storm debris curbside.

The town fared very well after super storm Sandy. We experienced light/moderate damage both at town facilities, and by most accounts damage suffered by our residents and businesses throughout town was also light to moderate.

I recognize few may have experienced heavier damage, however those cases are isolated. Most heavy cases require a contractor to remediate heavier tree damage. The overall residential damage did not reach a level of an emergency that would warrant a town wide curbside collection.

Our yard waste recycling center is open on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. during the fall. Residents are encouraged to comply with our residential permit requirements, however we will work with each resident that requires some level of customer service. Our goal is to work with each of the residents who brings their storm debris to us, either individually at the DPW office or disposal site.

Submitted by John Phillips, Director of Public Works, West Hartford 860-561-8101


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