Survey: McMahon Leads GOP Primary, Dems Still Win

A Quinnipiac poll breaks down the U.S. Senate race and Republican presidential primary.

A poll shows Linda McMahon leads former U.S. Rep Christopher Shays by a 51-42 margin, but falters against Democrats compared to her opponent.

In the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate, U.S. Rep. Christopher Murphy, D-5, leads with 37 of the vote, followed by former Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz with 25 percent and State Rep. William Tong with 4 percent.

Polling results for possible November matchups:

  • Murphy tops McMahon 52 – 37 percent;
  • Murphy gets 41 percent to Shays’ 40 percent;
  • Bysiewicz beats McMahon 49 – 39 percent;
  • Shays gets 43 percent to Bysiewicz’ 42 percent;
  • McMahon leads Tong 43 – 39 percent;
  • Shays tops Tong 50 – 25 percent.

“Congressman Christopher Shays has narrowed the gap with Linda McMahon from 15 points to 9 points.  The question is whether he can catch up by primary day, August 14,” said Quinnipiac University Poll Director Douglas Schwartz. “In general election matchups, Shays runs neck and neck with either Congressman Christopher Murphy or Susan Bysiewicz, while McMahon trails both of them by double digits."

The candidates are seeking the soon-to-be vacated seat of Joseph Lieberman. Voters approve 51–38 percent of the job he is doing and approve 64–23 percent of Sen. Richard Blumenthal.

Presidential Primary

The GOP presidential primary is and the Quinnipiac poll shows Mitt Romney ahead by a large margin.

  • 42 percent for Romney
  • 19 percent for Rick Santorum
  • 13 percent for Next Ginrich
  • 9 percent for Ron Paul

Incumbent Barack Obama is polling ahead of Romney 53-37 percent.

Committee to Elect May 23, 2012 at 04:07 AM
Committee to Elect May 23, 2012 at 04:08 AM
Malvi Lennon May 23, 2012 at 01:46 PM
Despite Mary Keller’s blanket charge that "Republicans are against Medicaid and want to cut all help to the poor including food stamps" I do not subscribe to this opinion. Of course, unlike Mary I can only speak for one Republican, myself. There are extremists in both parties. On the other hand I think most reasonable people would agree that welfare, Medicaid, and food stamps as a generational way of life has not helped the poor, in fact what we have accomplished is to enslave people and condemn them to a life sentence in poverty confinement. The unemployed need a job – and the working poor need better paying jobs. All people need more opportunity. Children need better education, and the young need training to enter adult life ready to join the workforce. Unfortunately, the majority of the people who follow politics are “party” followers entrenched in demonizing the other side, so few are looking for workable solutions.
Andrew Ziemba May 23, 2012 at 02:29 PM
If protecting free speech means that I don't discriminate against anyone, including the black panthers or the KKK, then I am a racist. If I believe in a zero percent federal income tax, then I am a nutjob who will die because I need government to take care of me. If I believe medicare and social security are ponzi schemes, then I am a cruel and evil person who hates the elderly. If I believe the public education system is a disaster, then I guess I am opposed to kids having a good education. I guess if I believe in an immediate end to all welfare programs like food stamps, then I hate the poor and want them to starve. I guess if I believe in a non fiat dollar...backed by gold and silver, then I am a kook. If I am called all of these things by the sheeple, then at least I have principles, a spine, and stand up for what I believe NO MATTER WHAT instead of all of those who let the media vote for them.
Paul Improta May 23, 2012 at 02:37 PM
A static poll is very misleading in advance of a campaign. Murphy served in one of five U.S. Congressional Districts in the state of CT. Shays served in one of five U.S. Congressional Districts in the state of CT. That means only one in five people can put a name to a face, let alone know what they stand for. McMahon ran a recent statewide campaign, a very heavily promoted campaign at that. That means everyone can put a name to a face - of course the known candidate will have higher negatives over the unknowns. The Dems want Shays to run, because he is more easily beaten. Once it comes out that he co-sponsored Shays-Meehan, the counterpart to McCain Feingold - a Bill which the SCOTUS commented squelched free speech, and parts of which were found unconstitutional, the Shays voted to expand Medicare with Medicare Part D, the largest entitlement expansion since the implementation of Medicare - an entitlement plan which is quickly headed into red ink, and which gave Murphy his seat over Nancy Johnson, the author of the law. Once voters are reminded that Shays voted for Cap-and-trade, that he voted for Card-Check, that he favored HillaryCare, the tarnish will begin to take away his shine. And, don't worry about Murphy skating, Byseiwicz will make sure his luster will be dulled before August.


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