West Hartford Updated Message: Power, Clean-up and Shelter

Status updated from West Hartford as of November 5, 2011


As of this morning, 8,981 CL&P customers have power restored (33%); 19,058 customers (67%) still do not have power. If you are still without power, call CL&P daily at (800) 286-2000. If the wire and/or box is disconnected from your house, CL&P will make repairs. Report the problem by calling (800) 286-2000. A Homeowner’s Permission form is required and is found on the Town’s web page, www.westhartford.org.

99% of homes should be back on line by midnight Sunday; 100% by midnight Wednesday including homes with wires pulled out, according to CL&P. Go to www.westhartford.org to view a map of power restoration.

30 line and 15 tree crews are working on Saturday and Sunday, up from 16 yesterday. Significant progress should be made today.

100 percent of schools will be online by midnight Saturday. Schools will be closed on Monday, November 7, even if the buildings have power. For schools to re-open, many variables have to be met including safety of the streets, sidewalks, and grounds for students and staff. School administrators hope to open school on Tuesday, November 8. Stay tuned for more updates.

Questions? Call the West Hartford Emergency Operations Center at 860-523-2020.


The Department of Public Works has cleared all 39 streets that were totally blocked by trees. Streets blocked by wires are CL&P’s responsibility.

Ashbritt, a storm debris removal company, will be assisting the Town with clean up on town streets and properties including schools. There may be as many as 40 to 60 large and small trucks in one neighborhood. Please stay clear of these trucks for your own safety. Crews will be working from dawn to dusk, cutting, lifting and chipping wood.

The Department of Public Works will be coordinating a town-wide curbside collection of brush. Please stack brush neatly parallel to the curb, not in the street. Big equipment will be removing the brush from your lawn and chipping it. Please understand that your brush may be at the curb for several weeks or more before it is collected.

The Department of Public Works has set up three brush drop off locations for residents:  Eisenhower Park, Fernridge Park and Spice Bush Swamp.  Also, brush may be brought to EnviroCycle, the Town’s Recycling Center at 25 Brixton Street.  They are open Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM, Saturdays 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, closed on Sunday.  


Town roads and sidewalks are still not safe enough for trick or treating. For this, we are very sorry.


The State has declared that Election Day will go forward as scheduled on Tuesday, November 8. The Town is hoping to have all 20 polling locations open. For information will be forthcoming in the days ahead.


There will be no school on Monday, November 7. Clean up efforts are under way at all schools. The schools that have power are: Charter Oak, Smith, Norfeldt, Wolcott, Sedgwick Middle School, and Conard and Hall High Schools.  


If in doubt, throw it out! If you have missed your trash collection or want to get rid of spoiled food, you may bring your trash bags to the Transfer Station at 17 Brixton Street. Proof of residency will be checked. The Health District will also answer questions with regard to food safety. Call 561-7900.


There are several warming centers open where you can go to warm up and charge a phone. They are the Bishops Corner Library and Bishops Corner Senior Center at 15 Starkel Road, the Noah Webster Library at 20 South Main Street, Elmwood Community Center at 1106 New Britain Avenue, First Church of Christ at 12 South Main Street, and Conard High School at 110 Beechwood Road.


New York Sports Club, located at 65 Memorial Road, has opened its doors to anyone who would like to shower. Just bring a towel. You may also take a shower at Conard High School. If you have a gas-powered water heater, chances are you have hot water.

If you need to take refuge for the night, you may go to our emergency shelter at Conard High School, 110 Beechwood Road. At the high school, you will be able to power your computers and phones, take a shower, sleep and even read in the library. Please bring a sleeping bag or bedding, a change of clothes, medicine, and a towel and toiletries. The town's shelter at Conard High School is in desperate need of health care professionals who can volunteer some time to residents who have various health conditions. If you have time to give, report directly to Conard High School, 110 Beechwood Road. Shelter volunteers are needed from 10 PM to 5AM.  


Cornerstone Aquatics Center and the Veterans Memorial Skating Rink on Buena Vista Road are open. As for town parks, it is strongly recommend that children be supervised and that they stay away from all trees. Sports leagues games are canceled.


Please be aware that improperly installed power generators can cause serious injuries to public safety crews as they start to restore power. PLEASE make certain your generator has been installed according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Jonathan Hochman November 05, 2011 at 03:43 PM
As of today CL&P claims to have 2100 crews working. There are 45 in West Hartford. We have about 10% of the outages. Why do we only get 2% of the crews? Either CL&P is not giving accurate crew numbers, or we are being given the short end of the stick. How about it elected officials? Can you ask this question and get an answer?
Michael Poulin November 05, 2011 at 05:10 PM
I drove a good part of the circuit that I am part of 3B05 according to the cl&p map this morning at app 10.00 AM Orchard, Westmont, Uplands, and numerous side streets. No boots on the ground, still we have roads 1/2 cleared, trees dangling on wires, etc. 1 full week, absolutely rediculous! Comments directed at the top, politicians, CL&P and anyone else that has had the power to screw this up as bad as they have in this state. One word - INCOMPETENCE! WE NEED NEW, STRONG LEADERSHIP AT BOTH THE STATE & LOCAL LEVEL.
Lisa Petersen November 05, 2011 at 05:26 PM
What I think is ridiculous is that they are working in any residential area until they have the traffic lights working on the major roads like Park Road, New Britain Avenue and North Main St. Also they should be getting the nursing homes up first before the homes of rest of us who are more able bodied. I want my power back to but think these others should happen first. Even thought I don't live there, it frustrates me is that it seems that once again the south end/Elmwood is last even for the major roads.


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