West Hartford Ban of Medical Marijuana Facility Fails

After hours of debate, the Town Council approved an ordinance allowing medical marijuana facilities in one industrial zone in town.


The West Hartford Town Council failed to impose a town-wide ban on medical marijuana facilities at its meeting this week.

The proposed ban reportedly failed across party lines early Wednesday following hours of debate on the issue.

An amended ordinance proposed by Democratic councilor Leon Davidoff passed 6-3 along party lines, following the debate, according to the West Hartford News. The rule will require a 200-foot buffer zone between schools, parks, residential areas and places of worship. And, facilities will only be allowed in a specific industrial zone in the Elmwood neighborhood of town, according to the ordinance.

The full West Hartford News story can be read here.

Paul Bahre June 27, 2014 at 08:00 AM
Time to just quit with all the hypocrisy and racism and just legalize this stuff. Why do we continue to arrest, imprison and create inane laws and ordinances over such a silly substance?
Stel June 28, 2014 at 10:37 AM
It is clear why alcohol and pharmaceutical companies fight cannabis legalization: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Over 41% state that they use cannabis as a substitute for alcohol, 36.1% use cannabis as a substitute for illicit substances, and 67.8% use cannabis as a substitute for prescription drugs. The three main reasons cited for cannabis-related substitution are 'less withdrawal' (67.7%), 'fewer side-effects' (60.4%), and 'better symptom management' suggesting that many patients may have already identified cannabis as an effective and potentially safer adjunct or alternative to their prescription drug regimen." Lucas et al. Cannabis as a substitute for alcohol and other drugs: A dispensary-based survey of substitution effect in Canadian medical cannabis patients. Addiction Research & Theory. 2013


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