West Hartford Council Approves Agreement to Begin Preliminary Work on I-84 Park Road Exit

Preliminary work includes surveying and designing, which will take about two years.

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The Town Council on Tuesday unanimously approved the execution of an agreement between the state and the town for the development of contract plans, specifications and estimates for the improvements of the I-84 interchange at Park Road.

The proposed $4.6 million project - 80 percent of which, or $3.67 million, would be funded the Federal Highway Administration, with the state and the town each picking up 10 percent, or $460,000 - calls for the following changes:

  • the relocation of the Interstate 84 off-ramp about 200 feet to make it adjacent with the existing on-ramp in order to improve traffic flow on and off the highway;

  • an additional left turn lane will be added to the off ramp to shorten queues and increase time for drivers to make decisions and maneuver their vehicles;

  • Park Road will be widened on the south side to create an additional travel lane;

  • and left turn lanes will be established at many of the intersection approaches.

The goal, according to Director of Community Services Mark McGovern, is to improve traffic and safety through a reduction in congestion in that area.

McGovern said that the project is in the early stages and that its design will take about two years. The design agreement will allow for $342,000 in federal funds to begin survey work, McGovern said.

At a meeting in September with residents, Town Engineer Duane Martin said that there has been about 150 accidents in the last three years in the area, including 80 on the ramp alone.


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