New Recycling Vendor Will Accept Books

The Town of West Hartford recently entered into a new recycling contract with ReCommunity Recyling, completely ending its decades-long relationship with Connecticut Resource Recovery Authority (CRRA).

Although Paine's will continue to pick up residents' recyclables at the curb, the goods will now ultimately be received by ReCommunity Recycling. The change, which occurred on Nov. 16, has opened up the opportunity to add to the list of acceptable items for recycling.

As Environmental Services Manager and Recycling Coordinator Dave Gabriele said in an email, "For years, West Hartford has been challenged with recycling and disposal of books by residents, schools, and town offices." That challenge has now been met through the contract with ReCommunity Recycling.

Paperbacks and phonebooks can be recycled as is, and the inside pages of hardback books can be recycled if the covers are removed. Those covers must be disposed of as trash.

Gabriele hopes to gain the participation of the town's libraries and schools in this effort. "Between the public libraries and school media centers tons of books have gone into our trash stream at a considerable economic and environmental cost. Public Works has the budgetary responsibility for trash and recycling disposal costs for both the town and Board of Education and we have searched for years to find a convenient book recycling resource to help keep trash disposal cost down and generate a revenue. Every 400 text books recycled will save about  $58.25 in disposal cost and generate a minimum of $7.50 in revenue," wrote Gabriele.

He is hoping the Environmental Services Clubs at both Conard and Hall will be able to assist in removing the hard covers of textbooks so they can be recycled.

According to Gabriele, 95-gallon recycling barrels will be distributed to the schools, and the custodial staff will assist by getting the barrels to the recycling collection area.
Jacob Wadsworth December 05, 2012 at 11:08 AM
There are actually tons and tons of books that have not been used already that can be found in libraries and other places where books are plenty. Better recycle them for more important uses to save up on costs. - http://www.ohiobaler.com/


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